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Collector's Corner!

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So, it crossed my mind that a lot of tarot/oracle/cartomancers often like to collect decks of all sorts and to arrange and display them and to lovingly remember all the details about them.  Most people I know who are collectors, don't just collect one thing so I've got a suspicion that there might be some other hidden collections from members of this forum!  I'm thinking things like stamps, coins, postcards, shells, plants, china teapots, pocket watches, matchboxes etc.


So this is a space to share your collections!  And don't forget your pictures! 📸

There's only one rule to the collections you can share with us here - they mustn't be of your deck collection!


And with that said, I'll go take some photos of my collections and set the ball rolling...

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I've got a few collections, but I haven't got pictures of everything I collect.


Firstly, I love to 'collect' houseplants.  It might seem a strange collection, but given nearly all my windowsills are full of plants and they get tended with the same attention to detail (if not more) than my other collections, they are definitely a collection!  I've not got pictures of this yet, but I've got a number of cacti and succulents, a few orchids, a few tillandsia's (air plants) and a bromeliad, some kalanchoes, a bonsai, a maranta, an african violet and a very fussy begonia rex.  Don't ask me which is my favourite, I love them all in their own quirky ways!


My second collection I don't have photos for is my shells and rocks collection.  These are just pretty rocks, shells and fossils that I've picked from various beaches I've visited.


My third collection is my badge (and neckers) collection.  I've been in GirlGuiding since I was 7 and have gradually been collecting badges, making some, been given some, buying some and awarded some.  They all get sewn onto my camp blanket which is my way of displaying my badges in a useful manner!  Also great to take on camp to give the kids stories about the days I was their age 🙂 Neckers don't tend to get sewn on my blanket as I tend to wear them, but I have sewn one on which is from an international trip I did to India.  I do have photos of this collection!





And finally, my newest collection is my stamp collection.  It is currently really small (but hopefully with an batch that's coming in the post it'll soon be larger!).

I like to topically collect stamps.

First section is the GB Machin Stamps (and those of the other monarches if I ever get any old stamps!).  I know a lot of these stamps look the same, but they are different in tiny ways (if you're interesting I'll happily chat about it!)  The labels are the year the stamp was issued.



My second stamp topic is my Great British Stamps.  There are so many of these and I love looking at the history of my country through its stamps!



Related to the GB stamps is also the channel island stamps, of which I currently only have one.



My third main topic is my flora and fauna stamps from everywhere outside the UK, again, only small at the moment, ordered by country.



Finally, my Christmas stamps (from the whole World, including the UK Christmas Stamps!)



Now I've shared my collections I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's collections!

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Thank you for sharing what brings you joy! 


Sadly I haven’t got a collection; that is, if you don’t count the fact that I can’t walk past the old fashion office supply section (don’t ask, haha) in second hand shops.


And also, the book section.


I get all excited about having found and brought home those lovely treasures, and then I rarely to never use or read them... They’re notebooks, binders, labels, boxes, dayplanners, envelopes, etc... 


I’m just happy to look at them, arrange them by colour, fantasize about future uses of them (maybe to justify why I have them at all)... so maybe they do count as a collection? 🙂


I guess you could say I love paper and things to do with paper, and tarot decks are also made of paper! 

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Posted (edited)

P.s I don’t know what Girls Guiding is, but I have a group of toddlers that are in the forest on a regular basis, and when they grow older it’s time for camping and hiking etc. It’s via a volunteer organisation where I live, where we’re many people whom work with kids of all ages getting in touch with nature, and all those things like making a fire and sleeping outdoors. It’s kind of like the YMCA, except we’re not goal oriented in the sense of knowing a certain knot by a certain age; just that they (we) are having a good time and love and care for Nature!




That’s totally amazing, all those badges you’ve shared (!!) and I’m sure, all those stories that must be behind them! 


Edited by Nordica De Spell

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Ooh, lots of things, but the pics may have to wait until later.

  • Books, mainly 😁 they've spilled over into work as well, there are 11 not work related books on my desk. I don't work from home.
  • Notebooks, I love a nice notebook. Particularly Paperblanks.
  • Jewellery making stuff - and as a result, jewellery.
  • Design stuff on computer - textures, backgrounds, clipart (at least this doesn't take up real room)
  • Papercraft/origami stuff - this is fairly new as my little boy is into it, and I've quickly become hooked on making origami boxes and flowers. I also now have a collection of origami boxes and flowers 😂 Tonight I hope to make a papercraft Elk and I'm eyeing up a book of origami boxes on Amazon (as well as a Lenormand and two Kipper decks. Choices will have to be made!)
  • Random stuff like pebbles, pinecones, shells, twigs.


My husband also collects things, and unsurprisingly so does our son.

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I have a modest crystal collection. I wasn't really serious about collecting crystals until this year. With my smaller crystals, I'm more of a completionist in that I want lots of different crystals. With palm stones and larger crystals, I like to stick to ones that really speak to me.


I have my smaller crystals displayed and labeled in a vintage letterpress drawer, my palm stones displayed in an acacia wooden bowl, and my larger or uniquely shaped crystals displayed on a teardrop shelf. 


(My tarot deck collection resides in the card catalog, so everything lives happily together!)





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