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Please Advice: 3 of Swords & Hierophant Appearing Together

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Hi, I did a celtic cross reading asking about the outcome of my relationship with my ex, she's from another country, we broke up last month. I got real confused with the 3 of swords appearing together with the Hierophant, what does it say about the outcome? possible reconciliation? unfaithfulness?

(1) Current situation - 2 of swords

(2) What is Crossing me - 4 of wands

(3) Actions to take - 4 of cups

(4) Distant Past - 5 of wands

(5) Recent Past - Temperance

(6) Future Influence - The World

(7) The Seeker - The Fool

(8) Significant Other - Knight of Wands

(9) Surprises & Hidden Influences - 3 of Swords

(10) Outcome - The Hierophant

Please help. Greatly appreciate.

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Hello and welcome to TT&M! This topic sits in the wrong area (it should be in Tarot Readings), but in order for me to move it you need to have reached the minimum requirement of 5 posts total. That is why I have locked this thread until you do. Also, you will need to provide your own interpretation for every card that you want us to help you with. Please PM me when you have reached that requirement and I will move and unlock your post so that you can add your interpretations. 

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