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Urban Outfitters 'Circo Tarot' Available In Uk And Is Now On Sale!


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So the Urban Outfitters have their very own exclusive version of the Circo tarot that comes in a kit with a book. They call it “How to deal”. The deck has been slightly modified and they have changed 10 cards to make it more suitable for a teenage market (I believe they removed some nudity and made some of the typically ‘scary’ cards gentler in their depictions). The cardstock is supposedly very good. I have the indie version and I did not like that cardstock at all. It is glossy and chipped almost straight away. This one is supposed to be more matte. 


Anyways. The deck is now available on the British site too and they are currently doing an offer of “buy two decks and get the second one at 50% off”. 


In case anyone is interested 🙂







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Just saw some comparison pictures on Facebook of the 10 cards that was redone. I must say that I really like this new version. It’s not that I didn’t like the original depictions but this version will be even more versatile when I read for others (I was especially thinking about my 16 year old niece who is really interested in tarot but thinks some cards are too scary). Plus I will admit that I wasn’t super keen on all the thin, nude female bodies. Like, why did we have to see nipples in the two of swords? I didn’t feel like that nudity added much to the overall symbolism. 


(I would have linked to the comparison pics but they are in a closed group. But when I receive my deck I am happy to provide comparison pics if anyone is interested 🙂)

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