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Graves' Celtic Calendar In Enchanted Spell Oracle

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Have just got the "Enchanted Spell Oracle" by Priestess Moon and it's beautiful. At the same time I got a book "The healing power of trees" by Sharlyn Hildago. I am a total newbie at this. But the calendar are different in the book compared to the Oracle. With help of google I find that the Oracle deck has a so called Graves' system while in the book, the year starts at around 1 Nov. This bothers me a little. Though having an open mind is always good, I'd like that it was the same.. or rather that the Oracle deck would have had the same system as in the book. Any suggestions or tips on this?



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that is an astute observation Katie, well done. Graves seems to have had a real ego driven agenda. 

I'm not conversant with astrology so simply set my seasons by the sabbats in the northern hemisphere,  and in this case work that into the ancient celt calendar. 

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