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The latest version of universal waite deck by us systems is not glossy anymore.

I kind of miss the old glossy version.

Oh, why do I have to throw my decks away!?

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I'm very sure some Universal Waite decks from the 90's are still available, but


1. You might have to import them. Shipping can be a shocker, and don't forget about local taxes and customs fees.


2. You have to be sure it's the old version you're actually getting. Some sellers show one picture but actually sell another. You have to be 100% sure you're going to get the version you prefer.


3. Some used versions are available on the cheap, but prepare to shell out more money if you want it brand new


4. I think the 90s version of the Universal Waite Deck and Book Set are still available, and may in some cases even be cheaper than deck-only. That's just how online markets are sometimes. Again, do your due diligence to ensure that the item being sold is the one you actually want.


Hope that helped.

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