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A Mysterious Card Game In 24 Pictures. a World Which Always Fit


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24 Images with 1 686 553 615 927 922 354 187 720 possibilities.

The text on the box is in German and French. I must have been made quite a while ago as the text on the box tells us:

when all the people of the world (more than 3 milliard) every second lay out a combination it will take 16 million years to make all the combinations.


Years ago i found some really strange cards, The set contains 24 images which all fit together in a layout. It does not matter if one of the images is on the end, in the beginning or in the middle.. Always a beautifull world appears; a world which always fit.


Pictures of the box:




Pictures of a layout

On every cards are numbers and letters.. Anyone an idea what this might mean? 


69038264_2791910257505563_4354207045474320384_n (1).jpg






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