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Right Path Spread


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Just wanted to share this spread I just came up with.

Just did a reading and couldn't find a spread I liked so made my own.  I feel like it worked out well!


The path you are on

The path you should take

The path you should avoid

Advice on how to stay on the right path

How to avoid straying from the right path

And a used an oracle at the end for a theme of the reading.

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I just wanted to say this spread really helped me - it told me what I already knew, despite what everyone else tells me.


Thank you so much, awesome spread!

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Oh this is a lovely simple spread. I very much think of Tarot as a snapshot from the path - one that very much may be changed through choices - so the metaphor works very well for me. 


This could be expanded a little with some additional cards to see further down the track or to comment on aspects of the journey, too. I do like to be able to adjust spreads depending on how I'm seeing things, time permitting, and such.

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