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Week 6 Jung's Man And His Symbols


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This week we’ll be finishing up the section The Archetype in Dream Symbolism, pp. 74 - 82.  It’s also a short read and extends last week’s reading so feel free to post here or there - I’m sure we’ll find it either way!  

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Some quotes and ideas...


”In fact, the unconscious seems to be able to examine and to draw conclusions from facts, much as consciousness does.”  


”Thus, the archetypes have their own initiative and their own specific energy.”  Jung goes on to say that in this respect, archetypes function much like complexes.  He makes the distinction: “But while personal complexes never produce more than a personal bias, archetypes create myths, religions, and philosophies that influence and characterize whole nations and epochs in human history.”


“The fact is that in former times men did not reflect upon their symbols; they lived them and were unconsciously animated by them.”  


Toward the end of the section Jung discusses the origins of our inner motives which are not under our conscious control, the manifestations of which we tend to attribute to outside powers and influences.  In this way, we are enabled to believe there are special forces at work to which man has given various names throughout history and interactions with these forces may take the form of rituals which promote introspection.


In my opinion, this has been the best section of the chapter in terms of explaining the mechanisms at work.  I’m eager to hear other thoughts about this reading.







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