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What's This Deck Please?


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I have some decks to sell here in Glastonbury for a friend - and this one has me stumped.

I know it's not THE Stick-figure tarot - and it's got a hand-made vibe to it, but has anyone got a name for it please?


Gregory - Death card on the left of shot :classic_smile:




various 009.JPG

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15 minutes ago, gregory said:

Yus. :classic_wink: (in fact; I'll take it !)


Found it. On https://www.lelandra.com/tarotbook/rjspart1.htm


The Alleged Tarot.




It's a "virtual" one so I assume whoever downloaded and printed a copy.



Yes they did, feels like paper not card, and then laminated so not too thick and has some flexibility. I'll hang on to it, no worries. Let me know when you're around.

PW x


This is the version without keywords, having looked at the two download options. Just so you know  :classic_smile:

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