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Phases of The Moon And Mantras/Chants/Intentions

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Anyone else do this? 


During certain phases of the moon, I will do a mantra/chant/intention.  To me, all that matters is you do what works for you at what phase.  For me, personally, I find the full moon good for ridding and the new moon good for embracing.  So during new moon phases I will do a mantra (of many 2-4 things) that I chant over and over.  Like I embrace, well, whatever you wish to embrace, and I will do maybe four things, like strength, courage, whatever I feel I want in my life.

For the full moon, I do a ridding like I rid myself of.....fear, weakness, illness, whatever I wish to be rid of.

I know some do the opposite, new moon for ridding, full for embracing and I think most of us know it's whatever works for us.

Just wondering if anyone else chants for intentions during moon phases?


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What a cool practice! The power of sound is kind of amazing. I have a few nonsense tunes I'll whistle to help decrease anxiety, when I'm not able to listen to an ASMR-recording for example. There's also an older recording I like, put out by Kate West, that involves a lot of chanting, particularly with names of the Goddess. I find that to be very moving.


Do you do a whole ritual around your chants, or just find some quiet space and time roughly around the peaks of the moon phases?

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HermitWriter, I do it outside under the moon and continue inside at night.  I only do at night.  I chant faster and faster.  I don't really do around another ritual, however, I START whatever I am chanting for generally with a ritual with whatever moon phase I am doing under, if that makes sense.  For example, for Riddings, I may write what I wish to rid myself on paper and then burn the night I start (around the full moon for me).  If I am doing an embracing, I may just write what I am embracing over and over, you can sleep with under your pillow, whatever works.  Does that help?


I also listen to various cds to help balance my chakras.  My favorite is waking the cobra.  There are other cds I use for various things.  


I do find chanting useful, whether I am doing in conjunction with the moon, for balance, etc. 

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