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How Many Here Consider Themselves Witches or....


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I believe magick is working with energy, nature, and spirit with focused intention. By this definition, yes, I consider myself a witch. What I love about all things esoteric and metaphysical is that it is so individual. That's the beauty of it, using our intuition to do what feels right for us, making it our own. 

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Scarlet Woodland

I would (privately or in occult spaces) have labelled myself a witch, back when I was younger, consumed with the study of magic and felt the need for labels. These days I'll settle for "a bit weird".


I'm nature focused, have an animistic bent, practice divination when I need answers (or just feel like it) and practice folk magic occasionally, when necessary.  As I've gotten older "necessary" has become increasingly rare so the label would feel silly on me, despite not being innacurate.

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