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Collage Tarot Decks


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That's super interesting! I actually don't normally like collage decks, or for ex. decks based on stock photography, I usually find them noisy and messy. But there are a few such decks that I really enjoy:

- The Haindl, which is so special and has so much going on, it's difficult to think of it as a collage deck, but I think it counts.

- The Enchanted Tarot (now out of print but reworked as the Zerner-Farber Tarot —  think that's also out of print now but it's pretty easy to find on ebay etc.  https://www.tarot.com/tarot/decks/zerner-farber

- Madam Clara Sees All and Madam Clara's 5-Cent Tarot (that's getting shipped as we speak!) are both really fun and well-done https://www.madamclara.com/5-cent.html

- the Venetian Tarot and Golden Venetian Lenormand decks by Eugene Vinitsky https://www.etsy.com/listing/733727979/special-offer-the-set-of-golden-venetian

- Absolutely all of the Malpertuis decks, especially the Tyldwick Tarot and all of the Lenormand decks, which are just stunning. https://www.mysteryentertainerproducts.com/malpertuis-cards  I recently acquired the Tyldwick and the Old Arabian and Silson Lenormands, and they're even more gorgeous in person than photos convey.

- the Lisa Frank tarot deck, perfectly done  https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2016/03/106161/lisa-frank-tarot-cards-exist#slide-1

- the Construction Paper Tarot!!!!! which is just the greatest thing ever, it's SO loving and well done. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/construction-paper-tarot  (This deck is currently not for sale, unless you buy a copy on ebay for $$$, but I'm really hopeful the artist will open it up again soon.)

- I'm really fond of the Healers of the Earth Oracle deck which is a collage deck made from stock illustrations, not that you can really tell! https://www.etsy.com/listing/630901866/healers-of-the-earth-oracle

- Oh and I forgot my personal fave Lenormand deck, the Alternate Realities Lenormand! https://jae-larson-designs.myshopify.com/products/alternate-realities-lenormand-card-deck  A lot of Lenormand decks are gorgeous collage decks, this one is my favorite, but many of them are quite lovely. 🙂



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My favorite collage deck is the Textured Tarot! Others that are good too are The Stretch Tarot and Dreamkeepers Tarot, both of which I used to own. A few others include: Practical Magic Tarot, Guided Hand Tarot, Floriography Tarot, and Antiquarian Tarot.

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How about Tarot illuminati & Tarot Apokalypsis by Erik Dunne




also Distant Past Tarot & Second Nature Tarot by Jae Larson Designs




And Button Soup Tarot is True Collage deck feat various artist with all sorts of artstyles!;D

And it's our last day to back it on ks;


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