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Triadic Tarot of Marseilles


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THE TRIADIC TAROT (of Marseilles)


From the website : A square Tarot de Marseilles with cards that can be turned in any direction. Pips arranged in triads according to a system described by the French occultist Papus. This radically unique deck will spark your intuition and give you a solid system for interpreting the pips. The sixty-page booklet that comes with the deck gives you everything you need to read with it. It’s great fun playing with the possibilities in these cards. 

More details on Sherryl E. Smith's Tarot Heritage website. https://tarot-heritage.com/2019/11/07/the-triadic-tarot/


I've ordered one from Santa Claus. Shipping only to the States, but a kind soul helped me out. I wonder why Santa Claus doesn't deliver to Switzerland. Maybe his elves are on strike. 


Have no idea whether I'll be able to read with it. But I find the idea delightful.


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