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Holiday Blessings! A big thank you to all!

Little Fang

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Another year is ending, and I wanted to pop in here to say how much I appreciate all of you. 

To all of the staff keeping the peace.

To all the subscribers and donators supporting and believing in us.

To all of the members starting interesting conversations for all of us to discuss.

To all of the lurkers watching and learning from us.

You are all wonderful and blessed souls.

Thank you, all 2,586(!!!) of you, for making this a wonderful tarot home.


No matter what holiday you celebrate, Christmas, Yule, even Moomas!, may it be a good one.


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Thank you, @Little Fang for all you do, and thanks to all the wonderful moderators and team.   This forum is a fabulous community and resource for all us - and long may it remain so,   Many blessings of the season to you and the team - and to all of us! 

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Thank you @Little Fang.

Thanks to all the patient staff for helping me learn and adjust as my first year has gone by here, and doing readings for me.

Thank you to all my fellow posters who participate in threads and readings. 

And @Saturn Celeste, I hope Snowy comes home. 

Let's keep it eclectic! 

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Lady Butterfly

A big thank you to @Little Fang and all the staff here for making this a wonderful forum and tarot resource.


And to all, may you have the happiest of holidays and a magickal new year!!



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