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0 - The Greenman


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0 ~ The Greenman:~ This is the fool Ann calls it the Greenman and it does indeed have a giant Greenman’s face stuck right in the middle of the card staring inanely right back at you. However upon closer inspection we do see Mr. Fool and his dog dancing down the way to two musicians playing a along in a jollity fashion that you would expect from the fool card. Not a care in the world, but he certainly has the world at his feet. He is at both the start and also the very end of his journey, but this, my friend is for you to decide.


00 - Greenman 390x515.jpg

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I like to look at the Fools journey in accordance to the “Three Degrees of Druidry & Wicca” looking at it through three cycles of seven phases. I feel this way to be extremely magickal as it helps to make sense of both the complexity and the hidden symbolisms buried deep within these cards most sacred. These three cycles can be seen to represent the three major phases in our lives.

Phase one represents Birth and takes us right up into our mid twenties, which is where we develop our personality and learn to come to terms with the powers that the cosmos has bestowed upon us.

Phase two takes us from our mid twenties up to our fifties. In these years we learn maturity and discernment here we have learnt how to use the powers of the cosmos for the greater good.

This brings us along quite nicely to…

            Phase three the final phase of this worldly being. Here in our twilight years we turn our attentions to the matters of the soul. Here we should be able to reflect back upon our life and see all the goodness that we have brought forth into the world. Here we should find peace and solace in the knowledge that the powers the cosmos bestowed upon us were put to good use and never abused.        


            In this first phase we will journey from 1 ~ The Witch through to 7 ~ The Battle Wagon, we will witness firsthand the initial impulse and direction of ‘will’ which is portrayed in The Witch, this ‘will is what enables the soul to grow and eventually mature into a sentient being with heart and compassion for others. This development of the soul is only made possible through the relationship it has with both polarities of the Feminine and also the Masculine. Have one without the other and the soul develops an imbalance that can cause frustrations on your life’s path. This relationship of feminine and masculine then goes one stage further to grow into Motherhood and Fatherhood in which we further develop the power of empathy and unconditional love, which brings us nicely to the final stage of this first phase the God and the Goddess showing us powers of intuition and insight. All this is concatenated by the Earth Mother & the Horned God, High Priestess & High Priest and back into the Lady & the Lord. By the time we get to the Lady & her Lord a certain degree of integration should have been achieved between these two aspects of feminine and masculine, so that when we are stood in our battle wagon we are ready to throw our ‘Self’ into the ‘world’. The personality is complete and is capable of success and achievement in the world.

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I have this deck. Love it. I was reading a Carl Jung book, can’t remember the title, that mentioned these three phases. Very interesting.  

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