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Regarding Saturn Celeste

Little Fang

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We understand that the departure of Saturn Celeste has been a shock to the community, and we are aware that people are feeling confused and upset. It is only natural to wonder why something like this happened. The Staff have been really busy these last few days trying to organize and handle the situation as best we can. We now wish to make a short comment on what has transpired. A few days ago, Saturn Celeste was removed as an admin because of multiple abuses of privacy. There had been serious complaints made, which I thoroughly investigated. We will not give any details regarding those complaints, due to confidentiality and respect. 

Please know that we have taken every measure to guarantee that something like this can never happen again. The privacy and integrity of our members is of utmost importance. We also added a new rule to convey our thoughts on this topic. This is a non-negotiable thing for us

After Saturn Celeste was removed as an admin, she was invited to remain in charge of the Mentoring program and of course to remain part of the TT&M family. Sadly, instead she chose to leave. We are all sorry for how this turned out.


Little Fang 

& the TT&M Staff

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