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Budapest Tarot - Tarot Sheet Revival


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Just a heads up that Sullivan Hismans is working on a second edition of the Budapest Tarot. 


Updates are on Facebook and Instagram but it looks likely to be released in the next few weeks. 


It’s a real gem of a deck - easy to read with and interesting from a tarot history point of view too. 

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On 2/16/2020 at 3:12 PM, Flaxen said:

That’s great! Would love to hear your thoughts when you get it. :classic_smile:

It arrived. I love it. My husband is not a fan.  He'll stick with the nobility's Visconti - expensive tastes. 😄   To each thier own.

The bold lines and colors energize the reading, and I especially like the way the swords curve away from one another rather than toward - with the crown like a napkin ring binding them together. It looks like they'd fly apart without it. Makes a good contrast to the batons with their proud banners and the sense of tightly unified force as more weave together in the high end of the suit.


My camera is terrible, but for anyone who doesn't have...




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Glad you like it @Rose Lalonde. It’s funny how tastes differ so much - I’m not such a huge fan of the Visconti compared to other historical decks. It’s beautiful but a bit too ostentatious to be an everyday reading deck for me. The Budapest looks like a deck someone could whip out in a tavern. :classic_biggrin:

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