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Ember and Aura Tarot

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I recently acquired a copy of the Ember and Aura Tarot, which is a deck made with gnosticism in mind. It actually uses the figure of Christ as its Hierophant card, which, while I'm not religious myself, I think is actually an extremely apt choice for the Hierophant I'd never thought of, and the watercolor art is lovely! I thought it might be a great choice for anyone looking to incorporate tarot into their Christian/Catholic/etc. spirituality. Here's some pics!


image0.jpg?width=449&height=599  image0.jpg?width=554&height=599 


image0.jpg?width=449&height=599  image0.jpg?width=552&height=600




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I rsther find this as non spiritual deck with no symbols. Being Hindu , I got really attracted to this deck.

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