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Simple ritual for troubled times (crosspost)

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Simple ritual for troubled times (good to prepare for a larger one,too)

1. Take a vanilla scented candle,or a candle and vanilla oil or incense. Those tea lights are perfect. Place in the middle of your ritual space and light/burn it. Vanilla is the "normal"scent,the standard flavor. It stands for what you perceive to be a simple, average and desirable in your environment but what is now missing.

2. Create a circle or pentagram around the center. If you have the space you can place yourself within it. This is to gather the "normal" - the essence of vanilla - within the circle. f you do not usually do that,imagine a bubble around you and the ritual space.

3. Meditate on what you consider an average,comfortable, simple situation for yourself. At the moment, this would probably mean things like being able to be with other people, going shopping without worry something is missing, and being able to go to work without fear of the virus. It is important that you do not wish for everything to "be back to normal" because our normal was generally rather bad, considering the state of the world.

4. When you are sure you have everything pictured, exchange the vanilla candle/scents gradually with rose scent. With a candle,you place a second candle, with oils and incense you add, letting the scents mingle and rose slowly grow stronger than the scent of vanilla.Rose scent stands for the transfer of pain into purpose, for our hearts opening to the possibilities (to bring back basic normal), purity of the spirit and also closure.

5. Visualize how things even out, life can be lived again and the crisis passes. Imagine ways how humanity can make it better now (or whatever else could improve if using it for a different situation).

If you have time or smaller candles, wait until they burned all down, same for incense. It is actually ok to fall asleep in or next to the circle. You might get interesting dreams.

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