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2 hours ago, gregory said:

They're cornflowers. NOT thistle related; though some centaurea do get "thistle" in their name, they aren't actually thistles.





Thanks, @gregory!


1 hour ago, Raggydoll said:

I just came back from a walk where the aim was to collect some special things in nature. I took some pics while I was at it!









Beautiful, @Raggydoll! It's lovely to feel like I'm traveling back in time to earlier spring seeing your pics, with the crocuses and the snow.


1 hour ago, Amberjune said:

@Raggydoll wow, there is snow in your picture!! It looks like very early spring.

beautiful these trees...


here are some impressions from my weekly walk this morning 






beloved nettle





I also love nettles, @Amberjune! A great medicinal plant 🙂

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@gregory, those are some lovely blooms (I don't think I recognize any of them, unless the white ones are daffodils). Thanks for the cornflower identification - that's officially my new favorite flower.

@Raggydoll, love the trees, trails and stones (and the crocus too)!

@Amberjune, you must live in a place with some altitude - nice landscapes!

The daylilies are beginning to bloom (today's temperature is already at 86F). These flowers are a good reminder for me to live one day at a time. 🙂




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Some pics from my walk today. Rock Creek Park, Washington DC.


Hello pretty deer!





Out of focus violet on moss




Azalea season!



Magical mugwort




Pretty sure this tulip tree is an ent, for you Tolkien/Lord of the Rings fans



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@Bodhiseed I live at the foot of a (small) mountain. A leisurely 1.5 hr walk takes me up to where the beautiful views are. 🙂


@RavenOfSummer Wow, I love that mugwort!! Looks young, too! Beautiful.


Today we've had rain for the first time this month! Finally! Grass was starting to dry up.

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5 45 am


If we were awake, we would know that





!!!!! OH NOOOO!

The bloody Sapsucker!


On top of our steel roof!


Peter crawls out of bed to throw an oooold Haselnut up at him, but sleepy as he still is, he misses.




“Squak , squak” and he flies of...... for about 10 minutes.

Then he is back, at the other side of the house

or on the metal rain gutters.......


Peter makes coffee

I turn around and try for another snooze.

Being half deaf has its advantages: If I sleep on my still functioning ear, I can not hear this noisy neighbour.....






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@Mi-Shell, I love woodpeckers, even if they do make a racket. People here hang rubber snakes on the wood siding of their houses to try and prevent them from drilling them. 🙂

@gregory, those lambs are SO cute. I need one to hug. Or just to watch... 😄

@Amberjune, love the crepe paper looking petals on the peonies; I'm a fan of clover too.


I spent the day waiting at home for a repairman who never showed up. No walk today, but the beds at my front porch are blooming with daylilies and dwarf knock-out roses; ladder brake ferns are growing out of the bricks.


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23 minutes ago, Bodhiseed said:


@gregory, those lambs are SO cute. I need one to hug. Or just to watch... 😄



Watch, yes. Hug - no. My sister ached to do that for years. When she was about 16 she succeeded. REVOLTING. Sheep's wool is where lanolin comes from. Not soft and fluffy at all - GREASY.


But they ARE fun to watch. And when they get into teenage gangs they are priceless. Except when you are driving - they do like to play chicken.... Seriously. You can SEE them calculating....

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2 minutes ago, gregory said:

But they don't LOOK cuddly....

Have you ever seen elk calves? 🥰 They are so adorable. But I have also interacted with full grown elks at an elk farm. They won't exactly hug you back but I was surprised at how tolerant they were! I even got to hug one of the old males (I think he was the leader of the pack). Magnificent!

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I'm loving seeing all those forresty and creature pics! I'm in NZ so our forests are completely different and the creatures aren't nearly so big lol


It's autumn here, and we're I live (Marlborough - prime wine growing region) the nights are cooling but its still pretty dry so things aren't as green as they are in winter and spring. The area I'm in is a large flat bottomed valley and is taken up mostly by grapes. I'll have to add some pics from around the vineyards someday. 


Here's a few snaps from my little corner of the world (aka my rather messy back garden 😂


I have to admit, I'm not much of a gardener. The only thing I ever seem to do with any regularity is prune my favourite rose. I love how deep a pink it is! Pic 1 is the last blooms of the season 🙂


Pic 2 is one of at least a handful of birds nests peppered through our trees (there's another 3 or so in the big magnolia.) This particular one is hidden in the tangle of a red single rose (I think the old owner of this place really liked roses!) 


Pic 3 aaah blackberries. These always remind me of sneaking berries from the bush as a kid. My grandmother liked to freeze them and make a sauce for ice cream out of them so I always got told off for eating them before she could get to them! 


Pics 3 & 4 Witchy (11y) and Nova (7mth), two of our three fur babies hanging out in the sun amongst the magnolia leaves 😄






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A few pics from my Beltane walks! Iris closeups:






Found some blossoming hawthorn trees in the woods, which felt like Beltane mission accomplished:








Our thyme is flowering in the garden. I love thyme flowers 💗




@TheFeeLion love seeing pics from your side of the world! Especially love those early blackberries ❤️


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Posted (edited)

@Bodhiseed thanks 😁 it's not the most fragrant rose around but when my husband put some in a little vase in the bedroom for me it made the room smell lovely 😊


@RavenOfSummer blackberry season is from December to March here so they're actually the last of the blackberries. I think I remember reading somewhere that from September onwards in the UK any blackberries on bushes should be left for the faeries. I liked the thought of that so I try and do that here from April 😊  

ETA: I never seen flowering hawthorn before, they're beautiful little flowers! Those iris are pretty good looking too. Mmm fresh thyme love the smell of that! 

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