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Odd experiences with pets

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OK, so, I had a bit of an odd experience tonight and I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar. 


I'd pulled 3 of my decks out earlier today to take some photos of them and show off their pouches I'd put together for them. I'm terrible at putting things away so just left them on the arm of the chair and went off to finish the post. After dinner and after the dogs had been fed (we have 3 including a 7 month old pup) we let them back inside and chilled out for a bit. Then, completely out of the blue Nova, our pup, started barking and seemed a bit freaked out. She went over towards the couch with the cards on it then bark and back away staring at the spot the cards were almost the whole time. Even when I moved them to put them on the floor so she could get a better look she would only come it for a quick distance sniff and back away quickly. It wasn't until I moved them over to the bar (the area they normally live) that she calmed down, although she was still a bit skittish around that couch for a little while after. 


Has have you had this kind of thing happen to you before? 

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46 minutes ago, Tanga said:



Wonder what Nova was seeing?

I still haven't figured out exactly what she was barking at but she stopped after I did a house cleansing. I've noticed she's started up again so I might have to cleanse the house again... 

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I've seen animals do things like that more times than I can count.
I can't say they don't see spirits, but often there's a more mundane explanation.
My dog Lover Boy kept running to the window on the western side of the house, jumping at it and barking like crazy. I investigated, and - nothing. No squirrels, no feral cats, no intruders creeping around, nothing. I was thinking maybe he sensed a ghost when I heard the thunder. There was a thunderstorm blowing in from the west. He heard it first because dogs can hear better than we can.

They can smell better than us, too. He was barking at my stove once, very mysterious - until I found rat poop. Now, when he barks at the stove, I put the rat baits behind it. (They're enclosed in a plastic bait station and wedged well behind the stove, the dogs can't get them.)

Maybe Nova saw something - or didn't, it's certainly worth investigating. Try moving other objects to places they "don't belong" and see if she has a similar reaction.


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4 minutes ago, katrinka said:

Maybe Nova saw something - or didn't, it's certainly worth investigating. Try moving other objects to places they "don't belong" and see if she has a similar reaction.

When it first happened I tried to eliminate all the mundane things it could be first. Last time we had mice she was the one to discover them. The only things in the area she was barking are the couch the pool table and the sliding door (which was closed at the time). I thought it was just the shiny stuff she was barking at for a while. My handbag is covered in pink and silver sequins and normally lives not far from that couch (on the pool table) but when I took it down to show her she was fine with it. Also the pouch that I my True Black deck lives in has silver thread through it, she was a bit iffy with that at first but was ultimately fine. It was the decks she had issue with, didn't want to go near them. 


She's fine with my decks now though. She usually comes over to see what I'm doing when I get them out. Which makes me wonder if it something "other"... 


Now that's she's started up barking and growling at whatever-it-is again I'm going to try another house cleansingto see if that helps. I've been feeling the need to do one anyway


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By all means do it, it can't hurt.
I'm wondering, though - some dogs feel responsible for everything in the house. (Chows and Chow mixes particularly, but I've seen it with others, too.) And they will sometimes raise the alarm when something is out of place.

Something else to consider is her history. If you've had her since she was a couple of months old that's probably not an issue, but if you got her more recently, it might be.

Either way, she was trying very hard to say something. And we humans so often misinterpret what dogs are saying.

Why not ask the cards what she was barking at? It might still be open to interpretation, but it should at least help.

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@katrinkawe've had her since she was about 9 weeks, she's a year old now 😊 our other dog is in her twilight years so doesn't hear as well as she used to. I think Nova has taken over the protector role seeing as we no longer have Capone and Witchy isn't far behind. So that's definitely a contributing factor.


I did a reading or two on the subject when it originally happened and it seemed someone (a potential new guide) had come by, but I still wasn't sure about it. There were also a couple of intense dreams after my first attempt at house cleansing which were rather disturbing. So I ended up a reading from our lovely Raggydoll which helped clarify a few things. (I think the "guide" is still sitting on the sidelines observing for now.) 


You're right though I should ask the cards to see what's happening this time... 

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My goodness, although I didn't have the same exactly experience of your, but I was in the same situation when my little guy, Tuna.


It was when I decided to take my decks in front of the window to bath in the moonlight. After 2 hours of moon bath, my cat suddenly meowed outside of my room while I was talking with friend on phone. Sometimes this little guy would enjoy taking nap in my room, but this time was really odd. He kept meowing until I let him in. The cat didn't sleep or anything, he just sat down on my chair, looking at me. I didn't see anything weird so I continued talking with my friend. Then for several minutes passed, he meowed once to remind me something. After the third time, I had a weird thought that maybe the cat was trying to tell me to take in my decks. And I did. When I was done with the moon bath and placed my decks back to my bed, Tuna was like he was finally done with his job and kept meowing me to let him out. 


It was kinda creepy at first, but when I thought about it the second time, there are some beliefs that animals have some connect with spirits that himan normally don't. There's even the time when people believe that cats can even see and communicate with the spirits, too!

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