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Deck of The Weeek: Sign-up Thread: Week 146 : April 25 - May 1

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This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks.  Each week we will be picking a deck (or desks) to work with for the week.

Anyone is welcome. Please join us!


1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week.


2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.




1. Madame Squee - Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and Ogham Staves

2. VGimlet - Herbcrafter's Tarot

3. Amberjune - Hanson Roberts Tarot and the Myths & Mermaids Oracle of the Water

4. Bodhiseed - Llewellyn Tarot paired with the Beasts of Albion

5. tarot_cat - The Green Witch Tarot and the Way of the Horse oracle

6. Mi-Shell - Kalevalla Deck





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@VGimlet, thank you for the new thread. And I love the Herbcrafters, hope my random number generator selects it soon! Hope you'll have a good time with it.


I'm in with the Hanson Roberts Tarot and the Myths & Mermaids Oracle of the Water. This is a Blue Angel deck I've had for ages but barely used so far.


Happy reading everyone!

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VGimlet, thanks for the new thread! I'd like to sign up this week with The Green Witch Tarot and the Way of the Horse oracle deck.


( @Bodhiseed, Beasts of Albion is one of my favorite decks! It is so lovely. Maybe I will pull it out for next week's thread! 🙂)



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Hi guys! 

I will use the Kalevalla Tarot for this coming week 🙂

Swedish/ Finish/ Saami mythology.........

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From the Llewellyn Tarot, the Four of Cups; from the Beasts of Albion, Eagle:


          The Four of Cups can represent melancholic discontent to overwhelmed apathy. When our cups become too full of sorrow, anxiety, or hurt, we develop a heartache that leaves us in a stagnated state. There is an Irish legend that says when Eagle has lost his vim and vigor, he flies to the sun until his feathers are scorched and then dives into the ocean where he is rejuvenated, much like the phoenix. This message of renewal paired with the Four of Cups reminded me of a daily quote posted by the AA Grapevine that was a twist on the biblical verse in Mark: "What profiteth a man if he gains his sobriety but loses his sense of humor?" Step away from the usual way of trudging through the day and intentionally search for lightheartedness and laughter. In the words of Henri Nouwen, "Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day."  

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