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The sacred Indian Tarot


The sacred Indian tarot is pretty much a RWS clone, but it has it's own approach towards a few cards. Rohit Arya is the person who conceptualized the theme of this deck which deals with Indian mythology and culture. The four suits are Disks for Pentacles, Lotuses for Cups, Staves for Wands and Arrows for swords. Each suit deals with a epic and or life story of a hero of that story. For example, the disks suit deals with the life story of Gowthama Buddha... his journey from being Siddhartha to becoming Buddha... The suit of Wands deals with the epic Ramayana and it's major topics. The back of the card is Shri Yantra, one of the mystic symbols of Hindu religion.... it is highly revered and worshiped for its potency.The illustration of this deck was done by Jane Adams... It seems this deck took whole 10 years to come together and to be put on the market. 


The art work on the deck is amazing. This deck comes in a sturdy box which is covered with all the art work on the cards. A 350 page book which explains the card and it's meaning in detail. The book also has a few elaborate spreads. I did not like the tone of the author in the starting few pages, in a few instances... after i got past it, I found some really good information on how to use this deck. 


This deck comes with four extra cards, the images of which I have uploaded. The world and the death have 2 cards A and B, and there are two blessing cards, one is "Blessings of Ganesha"  the other is "blessings of Babaji".  I have added the picture of how these cards look as well. 


If you are interested, you can order this deck from: https://www.amazon.in/Sacred-India-Tarot-Jane-Adams/dp/8188479780/ref=sr_1_2?crid=ZL3YDY78PB1J&keywords=the+sacred+indian+tarot&qid=1569877067&sprefix=the+sacred+%2Caps%2C285&sr=8-2


this deck is only available through Amazon India. I ordered it from there. 

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