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Universal Celtic Tarot


isbn-10: 073876342x

isbn-13:  978-0738763422

by floreana nativo

cristina scagliotti


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Celtic Decks

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This deck is one of my favorite decks!



The imagery is almost exclusively Celtic mythology-based or based on legends from the area. It is a Lo Scarabeo deck so it is computer-generated artistry but the artist did take the time to give some of the cards an "almost a painting" style which works quite well overall. If you are versed in Celtic mythology or interested and want a deck that fits the theme then this is definitely a strong contender for an RWS system deck. I primarily use the Thoth system and did not find it hard to adapt this deck. 

My only issue with the cards is The Fool card definitely does not fit the overall theme of the rest of the cards. I have added a photo at the bottom because I do not want it to detract from the overall review of a solid deck.


Card Stock

The card stock is actually quite decent, I thought it felt flimsy and cheap when I first received it but it has withstood the test of time. I have had the deck for over two years and use it extensively in daily draws and readings for other people and it still does not show the normal wear and tear signs you would expect from cheaper card stock. They shuffle easily and have a matte finish so overhead lighting will not glare off them. or block the image.


Companion Book

This is a Lo Scarabeo set so the book is more of a booklet and even for Lo Scarabeo it leaves a LOT to be desired therefore I can not recommend the deck for beginners and even lower intermediate students. Some of the "definitions" are just an explanation of what was printed on the card, others are a small excerpt of the myth it was based on, and others have actual definitions or hints of definitions that turn into a jumbled mess leaving the reader confused. I had a student at the time who adored this deck and really wanted it, I ended up sitting down and writing out definitions for all 78 cards so she could start to use them. If you already have a strong grasp of the myths then the cards speak to you and you can throw the booklet into the box with all the other Lo Scarabeo companion booklets and read these with no issue!


Overall Impressions

This is a solid, beautiful deck for Celtic mythology fans. Despite the booklet, I would have rated this deck 5 stars if they had just taken more time to include actual mythology into The Fool card. This was not for want of literature, I feel it was just sheer laziness or lack of knowledge. The card stock while feeling flimsy will hold up quite well as long as the deck is cared for which all decks should be! The box, however, is quite flimsy and I do not recommend storing them in the box if you want to keep it looking nice. And as far as the booklet I doubt anyone expects much from Lo Scarabeo booklets so I do not count this as a negative to using the cards. It is quite easy to just use a definitive good book of standard RWS definitions for 95% of the cards, the other 5% are a bit myth heavy and might require some easy internet searching to make them "click".



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