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The Numinous Tarot


Creater/artist: Noel Arthur Heimpel

Purchase where: noelheimpel.com

Size of cards:  2.75"x4.75" (7x12 cm)

Materials: 350gsm glossy cardstock with gilded edges

Guidebook: 6"x9" and 126 pages, with black & white interiors


The Numinous Tarot is a radical deck that strives to bring a variety of experiences to the wonderfully complex symbolism of the Tarot. Rendered in beautiful and luminous watercolor and inks, the Numinous Tarot shows the beauty of diversity in the world, from body type, ability, race, to gender identity and expression. These things are not used as symbols in and of themselves; rather, they are there to show the infinite ways that all people can experience magic and mystery, especially those who are often excluded from it. The deck is accompanied by a full-sized guidebook written for readers of all levels, including beginners. Both the guidebook and card titles use all gender-neutral language.


The Numinous Tarot is a 79-card Tarot deck with fully illustrated pips and one extra card called The Numinous. The suits, court cards, and some of the Major Arcana have been renamed to fit the mystical theme of the deck and/or remove gendered titles and hierarchies. The suits of this deck are: Bells (Swords), Candles (Wands), Tomes (Pentacles), and Vials (Cups). The court cards are: Mystics (Kings), Creators (Queens), Explorers (Knights), and Dreamers (Pages)

Current deck in the 2nd printing of another successful kickstarter campaign in 2019.


First kickstarter campaign was in 2016.

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