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Lunatic tarot, regular deck ed.

Nordica De Spell

From Aeclectic:



”Name: Lunatic Tarot
Creators: Evan Yi Feng
Publisher: Published in China 2005 
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Strength is 8
Justice is 11

Card Size: 5.31 x 10.04 in. = 13.50cm x 25.50cm
Card Language: English, Chinese
Card Back: Unknown”


This deck is supposedly OOP, but can be easily found on Ebay. (Whether it’s legitimate copies or not is difficult to say.)



From the album:

Artistic Decks

· 36 images
  • 36 images

Photo Information

  • Taken with Apple iPhone SE
  • Focal Length 4.2 mm
  • Exposure Time 1/17
  • f Aperture f/2.2
  • ISO Speed 400


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I must admit it's not everyones cup of tea but I wouldn't say it's neither perverse (I've seen worse lol) nor is it degrading women or putting men in a higher light, it's just art, shocking in some cards yes but art all the same. 

I wouldn't go as far as to say they were repulsive or disgusting. The 2 extra cards are a tad on the risque side of things with a bit of BDSM and an amputee, but it is anime for gods sake 😄 it could be a helluva lot worse lol. 


Just to reiterate it's not a goto deck and I certainly wouldn't read with it everyday, but if you like Dark Manga then I think you will love it, if not to read with but as a keepsake just to have.   

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Nordica De Spell

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I struggled with myself whether at all to upload this deck. In the end, I feel that everyone can make their own decision, and I’ll just add this note:


You would do well to do your extensive research on the card imagery before you decide to buy this deck. I didn’t; I thought that the deck that I was buying was one thing, and it turned out to be another.


The imagery that I have posted is showing an artistic deck with quite powerful messages. I also knew beforehand that it was supposedly a little bit provocative, and in some of the cards, sexually explicit. Learning this didn’t bother me, or dissuade me from ordering the deck online.


But when the deck arrived, and as I opened the box, I immediately regretted not having done my research on it. 


This tarot deck is REPULSIVE to me. 


The only thing that I see in this deck, when I go through it, is imagery of sexually compromised children with a deep sadness in their eyes, female bodies disrespected and tortured (with a nasty hint of mutilation,) and men in their high hats. 


If you’re into that, you’ll have a blast with this deck. If not, again, look at the images before you buy; they’re on Google Image. 


And sure, you might interpret them differently than I do, and that’s your prerogative, of course.


To me, these cards are NOT about putting an artistic spin on the Tarot, they’re NOT provocative, and they’re NOT sexually explicit — it’s not what they’re about. (Not even from a BDSM point of view, if that’s what someone’s thinking could change their meaning for the better.) 


They’re just disgusting.


Repulsive and un-usable would be the kindest thing that I can say of them. 


(And I have to tell you, that the cards that I have posted here doesn’t show what I’m referring to — because I couldn’t bring myself to pay some of the cards in this deck forward.)




So; in final conclusion:


Please just know that they’re not for everybody, and make sure for yourself what this deck depicts to YOU, before you buy. 


If you can do that and you still like it, and/or see something else in it than I do, sure, some people probably do.


(I’ve personally read for myself reviews and notes of this deck where NOONE mentioned that they felt repulsed, so... but now, at least, you have read of one person whom did.)



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