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    Little Fang

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    1. In the Creative Circle, we are slowly working our way through the major arcana via The Fool's Journey.  I wanted to document my own journey in its fullness here.  This blog post will be updated each time I post a project to the Creative Circle so do check back regularly if you're interested.


      0 The Fool

      For the Fool, I represented the fresh start and taking a step of faith into the unknown by making some moccasin shoes.



      1 The Magician

      I decided to represent the Magician by knitting something to protect my hands.  I'd noticed that in a number of the Magician cards, the hands were often being used to channel his creative energies to combine the elements in some way so this seemed a good idea!



      2 The High Priestess

      For the High Priestess, I used inspiration from some of my animal decks to connect the High Priestess with a cat and created this cute crochet cat, called Mysti, in the colours of the High Priestess's cloths from the RWS and The Herbal Tarot decks.  (For more information on why this photo is staged this way please head to the Creative Circle for March 2023...)



      3 The Empress

      4 The Emperor

      5 The Hierophant

      6 The Lovers

      7 The Chariot

      8 Strength

      9 The Hermit

      10 Wheel of Fortune

      11 Justice

      12 The Hanged Man

      13 Death

      14 Temperance

      15 The Devil

      16 The Tower

      17 The Star

      18 The Moon

      19 The Sun

      20 Judgement

      21 The World

    2. Tarot Space

      Hello, friends it is crucial to clarify that I do not have an establishment or corporation and therefore does not make me a business owner or own any business. However, from experience I do operate with a business plan and foundation. The full intention behind the use of the word "business" was meant to go into detail about structure and process earnings from tarot associating to a business. I'm sorry for any misinformation or misguidance this may have caused you. Thank you for your support thus far! 😟

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