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    Metatron - Kether


    Metatron - Kether:





    The archangel Metatron means "beyond things" and is an angel scribe.

    His task is to be the heavenly scribe, similar to Raziel,

    and for that reason he is the only one allowed to sit in Gods presence.

    Raziel however seem to not have that privilege.


    The name of Metatron points to the paradoxical nature of his Sefirot of Kether.

    Even his name is beyond this world, which have a striking similarity to the book of Tao.




    Tao that can be spoken of is not the Constant Tao’

    The name that can be named is not a Constant Name.

    Nameless, is the origin of Heaven and Earth;



    There is a lot of religious contention over Metatron, due to his closeness to God.

    In many stories, God and Metatron swap places, meaning that in one version it is God acting,

    while in another it is Metatron that did the deed, which of course would upset many fundamentalists.


    Like the story of God/Metatron leading the Israelites through the wilderness as a flaming pillar.


    Yet finding our-self in Kether, having transcended Chokhmah,

    we have to wonder if the doctrines spawned in Chesed does even matter anymore.

    God is One, God is this, God is named that, but as we mentioned earlier,

    all the archangels can be looked upon as just different aspects of God.

    Hence an aspect of God that stays with God, isn't that just God?

    Unless of course that aspect leaves God for shorter or longer periods.


    Regardless the paradoxical nature of Kether makes all these wanderings moot.

    As all is just One anyway, sort of like in a singularity,

    it doesn't really matter if the matter came from a Star or Planet, it is a black hole now.

    It only matters as a case of history, that once all that matter was something else.


    As history goes, some stories say that Metatron was once Enoch.

    The bible is very sparse on the fate of Enoch though.




    Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

    Genesis 5:24



    Sure if you are taken into a singularity, you are not, and are indeed taken.

    Being part of the whole, and not an individual any longer.

    He is collective just like a primordial image.




    “Whoever speaks in primordial images speaks with a thousand voices; he enthrals and overpowers...

    he transmutes our personal destiny into the destiny of mankind, and evokes in us all those beneficent forces

    that ever and anon have enabled humanity to find refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night.”

    ― C.G. Jung, The Red Book





    It is said the soul of Metatron is represented in the Flower of life, a complex geometrical figure.

    It is believed that all the secrets he embody is encoded in it.




    Of course regardless of what we think about Metatron and the Kaballah.

    There is a force behind it all, namely Ein Soph.

    Which is the hidden light, the air that cannot be grasped.

    It is the will behind all appearances even Kether, Metatron and the whole of the tree of life.

    And from this point of view, would be the real identity of God.

    So meeting Metatron is just another appearance, and real divinity seem to be beyond us still.

    The tree of life itself, is just another name as the Taoists would be fond of saying.

    With the real power lying beyond it in what they call Wu-wei,

    which is just another name for Ein Soph, another set of trappings from a different culture.


    Regardless of the stance on what God is, who Metatron is or not.

    He has some important lessons to share, namely the idea of the unity of all.

    To become divine is to give up one's individuality.

    Hence why it requires losing all ones attachments,

    if there is even a sliver of want for personal gain and power,

    one is not ready to enter into divinity, which create a big paradox.


    If there is nothing at all in it for us as mortal humans, why bother?

    One must cross over in a natural process of not caring for it at all.

    Which is really really hard, since there has been so much sacrifice to get there already.


    This is just the theme that keeps repeating itself at each step of the tree.

    We sacrifice for each step, and then hits the barrier that the attachments themselves,

    to the very sacrifices we have made, is the very chains that now bind us.

    It wasn't enough to just give up all that was precious,

    we have to wiper the inner slate completely clean, even the slate that wish to go on upwards.

    So that we become entirely empty vessels that are ready for divinity.

    There is no room for any trace of our sinful nature, because divinity need all of us to work.

    Which is why so few actually make it all the way to the top and beyond,

    the sacrifice is just too great.




    Kether is associated with the ones in Tarot, the out-spring of everything.

    The origin of every potential, and the divine source of all we cherish.


    th?id=OIP.3qqm6MOoMOHLbMvFxIusPgHaGN%26pid=Api&f=1    spacer.png    spacer.png


    From here there is no more paths upward to take,

    and hence one must decide to camp out to perhaps transcend the tree,

    or else one can turn back and use the tree as a tool to master life.

    It is up to us to choose what to do, that is the essence of free will.

    Yet regardless of what choices you will make,

    I hope this article series has been helpful.


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    Thank you for this series. Thank you, particularly, for this article.

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    52 minutes ago, loveheartlight said:

    Thank you for this series. Thank you, particularly, for this article.

    I'm happy that you got what you where looking for! 😀


    Let me know if there are some other topics that you are interested in,

    and I'll see if I can write something up here.

    As right now I don't have any other topic that I clearly feel the need to write,

    but they will probably come with time.

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