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    Reading for self and others


    Reading for self and others:





    I've been thinking lately on what the difference is between reading for oneself versus reading for someone else.


    Personally I read much more for myself than for others, and hence my view of Tarot is very spiritually and philosophically oriented.

    I'm constantly pondering my own issues in relation to different models, systems and frameworks, something I think many of my articles reflects so far.


    Which brings me to the first observation about reading for oneself, one is very free in terms of format and focus.

    As opposed to reading for someone else where there is an expectation of being given a certain experience.

    This expectation is partly shaped by what Tarot is viewed as being in general, and hence when you read for others,

    you conform and change the reading to some extent to what the other person is looking for.

    At least if you care at all about their reaction to what is presented to them.


    Now this freedom of reading for self can have a dark side, namely becoming lazy and not caring enough about what Tarot is in essence,

    and hence losing touch with Tarot for some shallow subjective impression without any merit or grounding.


    Now this doesn't have to be the case and if not, then one is usually drawn into what spirituality looks like for oneself.

    There is many directions this can take, and whatever direction, it will deepen ones readings.

    Not only for oneself, but also for others, as the depth of insight into oneself translates into a new depth of insight into others,

    and also a new level of empathy for what others go through as you gain a deeper understanding of the issues everyone face.




    "The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others."

    Erik Erikson



    This does of course not only go in one direction, when you get feedback on the way you read for others,

    you sometimes get aware of blind-spots that are automatically used both in reading for yourself and for others,

    suddenly you realize how much you have been fooling yourself in certain aspects, or how you have been performing poorly in some aspects of your reading.

    Hence there is no hard split between reading for self and for others in terms of technique.


    However when one is confronted with others problems one has a much easier time staying somewhat objective about the issue.

    As opposed to trying to read for oneself about some conflict with someone one has all sorts of attachments and strong feelings about.

    It isn't that the reading will necessarily fail, just that any hint about a good or bad turn, will be blown out of proportions.

    Which can be a very good life lesson in itself to be confronted with ones own fickle nature in terms of interpreting the cards under affect.

    Which again points back to the point about self-knowledge being the key to understanding how others react to your readings.

    Having felt the terror of the death card at the seeming wrong place at the wrong time,

    it isn't hard to understand that others feel just as vulnerable when the cards seem to not favor them.


    So in the end reading for oneself and reading for others, are just two sides of the same coin.

    It draws on many of the same skills and concepts, but at the same time much of it become inverted when the tables are turned.

    Both ways of reading can be valuable, both have their unique set of challenges.


    There is also being read for by others, which is more a passive receiving process, that can be rewarding in its own right,

    and will give contrast to how subjective one has been interpreting things, when someone else more or less objectively lays out the issues,

    without being moved by the fickle ways of the self. The contrast of that can really bring a new dimension to ones own reading for oneself,

    but if one never reads, but only gets readings from others, it can be hard to appreciate the difference of perspective coming from ones own reading versus someone else's.

    Ideally there is a balance between reading for oneself, reading for others and getting readings from others.

    Only by exploring oneself from many different angles can one get a full picture.




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    Love the Erikson quote! Reading for self and reading for others has so many layers to it. I did a video on this, though it's something that could be discussed for hours! 


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    Glad you like it, Erikson has an interesting although difficult to use stance on things.

    He is so real it is difficult to crystallize into method, technique and theory in a way.


    Yes, most subjects could be discussed for hours once one gets beyond the superficial layer. 🙂


    I watched some of your video, good stream; seemed successful for being your first live one!

    I liked what you said about educating the skeptical, it is a good way to approach it.



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