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[April 21, 2019, 05:01:24 PM]

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January 26, 2018, 04:42:41 PM by Jewel
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The Mystic Dreamer
By Jewel

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot, by Heidi Darras, is a photo-manipulated deck printed by Llewellyn in 2008.  The deck was born of Ms. Darras interest in creating a deck of her own and the encouragement she received on Deviant Art.  As Ms. Darras notes in the Artist Note section of the companion book, she wanted to create an emotional deck, and to reveal the hidden emotion within each card.  She also wanted to create a deck that had an aura of mystery and a dreaminess about it.  That I feel she achieved.

The art is done via photo-manipulation.  The art has a romantic, dramatic, and dreamy feel to it.  For the most part the deck is really beautiful but there are some cards in which the technique just did not work out as hoped, examples are the 7 of Swords and King of Pentacles to name a couple.  Overall though the deck is pretty.  The cards are framed with a ¼ inch parchment style border on the t...
January 23, 2018, 12:14:47 PM by Jewel
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Joie de Vivre
By Jewel

The Joie de Vivre, French for Joy of Life, is a deck created by artist Paulina Cassidy and published by US Games in 2011.  The cards are 2 ¾ X 4 ¾ and of quality glossy card stock typical of US Games decks.  The cards are packaged in a flip top box along with a 61 page little white book (LWB).  The LWB includes an introduction, key words, the name and descriptions of the characters on the cards, divinatory meaning, reversed meaning, a small section about the author, and two pages to write notes.  The backs of the cards are golden to yellow with a vine design and are reversible.  The front and back of the cards are framed with a thin black line and have a ¼ inch white border. 

The images are watercolor paintings in pastel colors with vibrant tones.  The images follow the whimsical and unmistakable style I associate with Paulina Cassidy art, but are visually simpler than Ms. Cassidy’s previous...
January 19, 2018, 01:48:43 PM by Jewel
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The Cosmic Tribe
By Jewel

I wrote this review for Aeclectic many years ago.  My love for the deck remains after all of these years so I thought I would post this review here as well.

My first impression when looking through the cards of this deck was WOW! The images on the computer screen just did not do justice to the real thing. What I purchased originally as a novelty quickly became my favorite deck to work with.

The Cosmic Tribe is photographic collage enhanced with computer graphic elements creating a lively and vibrant deck reflecting the new century. The three dimensional effects add both depth and movement to the cards. The colors used are bright and deliberately selected adding to the meaning of the cards. There is a playfulness in this deck that I have not seen any other of its high caliber.

The deck synthesizes elements of various cultural traditions including paganaism, indigenou...
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