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July 30, 2018, 04:00:47 PM by reall
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just got my deck, think it deserve topic!:) hope you like my review & find it helpful!^^

Ethereal Visions : An Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes
Publication date 05 Jun 2018
Publisher U.S. Games

Beautiful 2 piece box with metallic Gold foil gilded ornaments look sturdy but arrived with bumped corners (lwb & cards are ok so I guess it served its purpose well!

Standard size LWB novice may appreciate but totally wasted on me as seasoned cartomancer l often disagree with interpretation it provide & have my own meanings!^^

Card size is bit larger than standard Tarot (both my Radiant RWS & Golden Universal are around 0.5cm smaller!) so if you have smaller hands (like me) you will end up shuffling this like your larger decks (aka DV as it's tall as my Fairy Tarot Cards only not so wide!

Card stock is *standard (l guess?) but not glossy so it's +,

Metalic Gold foil effect is similar but not same as my Golden Un...
Saturn Celeste
July 27, 2018, 02:20:49 PM by Saturn Celeste
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Introducing The Sibyl's YouTube Channel!

The Sibyl will post on this thread when she updates her channel or wishes to bring videos to our attention.  In the meantime, please stop by her channel and subscribe!  ^-^
May 10, 2018, 04:25:08 PM by Jewel
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The Fey Tarot - Deck Review
By Jewel

Those of you who know me know I have an affinity towards faerie themed decks.  What you probably did not know (or care), is that this is the faerie deck that started my love of faerie themed decks.  The Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti with artwork by Mara Aghem was published by LoScarabeo in 2002 as a deck and book set.  I will confess upfront, that when I first saw images of the deck I thought it was kind of childish, but a friend on Aeclectic Tarot insisted I buy and try it, that I would really like it.  She knew me well, so as I talked to her on the phone about it I pranced into Barnes & Noble and picked up my copy.  I am so glad I listened to her, she was right.  This became my new primary reading deck for the next 12-15 years.

These are not your British or Victorian faeries of folklore, they are much more universal in nature. The art has an Anime feel to it, and the colors ar...
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