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Author Topic: Information Station  (Read 964 times)

Offline Little Fang

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Information Station
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:53:53 PM »
Welcome to the TT&M Paid Reader's Section! 

What is this?
A place where professional tarot readers can have their own little forum section to advertise their services! 

How do I join?
Click here and select TT&M Paid Reader.
Once you do this, please submit a ticket with the following information: (Click Here)
  • Name you want to display on the sidebar/forum section. - This is the name of your Sub-Forum.
  • Link to your website you want linked in the sidebar. - Ideally your forum username or handle.

What do I get out of this?
There are a few perks to signing up to be a reader here:
  • Your own sub-forum.
  • The ability to moderate your sub-forum to make it exactly how you want.
  • Promotion on the sidebar of the forum.
  • Use posts to share sales, testimonials, a link to your page, and more!

What are the limits?
To prevent spam, we ask nicely that you create no more than one promotion post a day.  You may add to that post with useful information and content in order to bump it up and keep it in the public view!  The exception to the multi-post rule is when you are first setting things up.
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