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  1. Awww this is so thoughtful, Thoughtful! Seriously though, thank you And thank you to everyone! We wouldn't have an awesome forum without you all!
  2. I'll have to check out those books, thank you! I wish you much fun in your research on the gods
  3. @KaiNO Thank you for your patience friend! I did my (nearly daily) kemetic ritual tonight and felt I should read for your question right after. "How do I position myself to make the best of opportunities coming my way?" For you I pulled: Netjer Netjeru (the "unable to answer" card) in which I got the notion that the question was too complex. For clarification as to why, I pulled: Djehuty, Amun, and Sekhmet in that order. Djehuty, aka Thoth, gave me the feeling that this question has a lot of parts to it, and the cards aren't quite equip to give a satisfactory answer. At least, not these cards which are oracular in nature. He's a part of my family of deities, so I picked this up quite intuitively from him. Amun is the Hidden One, and I got the feeling here that this is a question you will have to seek out yourself. You'll have to dig deeper in order to uncover this. (Perhaps tarot would be a better way to go about this!) Sekhmet is telling you to take action and divine this question for yourself. I apologize that the question wasn't able to be answered in this form. Let me know if there is anything else I can tackle. (Ignore my pins, didn't notice they were in the photo too!)
  4. Apologies for the delay, my weekend has been busybusy! I'll pull your message tonight.
  5. As far as I know an account is not needed to pay through PayPal with card, but may be required for recurring subscriptions.
  6. These are still open I'm out on worker's comp for an injury so doing some readings should keep me sane.
  7. Yay! I'm happy to see you made it over.
  8. Saturn was right in her changes; Apparently there is one group of permissions that overrides the rest in a sense. I am going to update my ticket with that info and the meantime set it back to how Saturn had fixed it. Thank you all for your patience.
  9. If this is a major bug, it's very important that the Support team on the software side can go in and see it how it was. If everything is good when they report back, we will switch things around again.
  10. I contacted the support team for the software and they will be looking into this soon!
  11. I found and installed a thing.
  12. What Would You Consider To Be a Really Good And Meaningful Question To Ask The Tarot?
  13. If You Were Able To Dream Big, On a Personal or Global Level, What Would You Really Like To See Happen In Relation To Tarot?
  14. If You Were Able To Travel In Time, On a Tarot Related Quest, What Era Would You Visit And What Would Be The Nature of Your Quest?
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