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  1. The themes were kickstarter perks for those who donated $50+ and I would hate to remove their rewards without their permission to. The themes are the cheaper end of the spectrum, the real costs is in the software. There is currently no way to work around subs per ip address on this software. However I can work with a case by case basis if I'm messaged. I am rethinking the monthly costs.
  2. As stated prior, I've added exceptions to the Roman numerals in the plugin. And everything Saturn said. Thank you
  3. If you have a deck that isn't in the library, feel free to submit some data and an image! (Please do NOT post your review inside your image submission. It is not the area for that.) Once you have done that, or if the deck you have reviewed in the past is in there already, look at my screenshot attachment and stick your review in that section! Thank you all for your contributions!
  4. It's like the samples 6 cards (plus card back if you wish) in one picture, not seperate
  5. Gift cards are now an option under Store
  6. The poll answers leave out those of us who are going to watch it after its over.
  7. My current is a painting done by one of our priests. It's my Mother goddess, Bast-Mut. Super important to me.
  8. I don't want to go to work today!

    1. AJ-ish/Sharyn


      there was a cartoon on the wall of the classroom where we took typing and journalism. 

      "After school school school, there is work work work. Count your blessings"

      Weekends off, summer off, holidays off, snow days off,  what were we complaining about? 

    2. Little Fang
  9. It was also some years since this was done. I think it's time to do it again
  10. I have 6. I'm not interested in most on that list!
  11. Wow it's pretty even throughout! This is a good question and useful for support. Thank you.
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