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  1. You did have autopay! It's just what I said above, because I changed something, they disable the auto agreements on PayPal to prevent abuse
  2. It may have been my fault, when I had to go back and tweak some things, disrupting the auto pay agreements. Sorry, if that was the case!
  3. You sort of have a sub, but it expired. It was last paid in May
  4. There is no difference between a monthly and a yearly (except price and time)
  5. As long as I have this amazing staff backing me and taking care of everyone (and as long as I can pay for the software, donations definitely help!) I am going to keep running this place until forever. If something happened, I'd be willing to pass it to somebody else rather than close it like another forum did. Thank you for being here, get comfy, it's a long ride!
  6. Oh dang this is hella cute! TEMPTATION. But I just complained elsewhere that I'm getting too many decks...
  7. I'm actually finding myself purchasing so many decks that I don't have any time to sit and connect to any of them. It's kind of frustrating. I love them all, but I kind of wish it would all slow down so I could bond! (Made trickier since I can't just travel with all of them, they do get heavy, so I am limited to bonding when I'm actually home. And even then, I do other things rather then mess with decks. Oops.)
  8. Welcome to our community! This topic sits in the wrong area (it should be in Tarot Readings), but in order for me to move it you need to have reached the minimum requirement of 5 posts total. Not only that, you must also interpret all the cards yourself. That is why I have locked this thread until you do. Please PM me when you have reached that requirement and I will move and unlock your post. Please review the rules here: Rules and Information
  9. Wonderful article, Arch! Thank you for submitting it!
  10. I managed to snag an early bird. I've been watching this deck since the beginning. I'm super excited!
  11. @Vintage Doll this post is for returning forum subscribers. Please don't post here just to pad your post count!
  12. I see you looking at my profile.  Sneaky.

  13. Moving this topic since Assistance and Suggestions is for forum specific issues.
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