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  1. IT'S BOOTIFUL Thank you! ^______^ It was pretty darn good TY TY, and followed the next day by Korean BBQ which was even BETTER.
  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WONDERFUL MENTOR!!! :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: <3 You are glorious and wise and deserve all the joy and warmth life has to offer. May your guardian fairies throw you a most wonderful party!
  3. ! "You got: Gene Kelly Talented, gorgeous, and athletic...what's not to like?" In a rare "Wow, this Buzzfeed quiz randomly got it TOTALLY right", Gene Kelly who was literally my first crush (my dad and sister watched a lot of old musicals.) I am still to this day obsessed with dynamic, powerful dancers who display incredible athleticism. (Jeon Jungkook, Hrithik Roshan...) Nifty. (And now I ponder what Gene Kelly had to do with Tuna Casserole!)
  4. Agreed I was also really impressed with how transparent and detailed he was in his updates! THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLE. Last night I started reading the book while studying the cards and it's so thoughtful - I love how the foil patterns in the back are all something real and scientific that ties to the meaning of the card, like the marina trench for the high priestess. So unique. In your example pic I also love when he uses red! it just pops so beautifully on the black. Ugh I'm so sorry that does sound insanely inflated. That would be a lot easier, I'm surprised Kickstarter isn't set up for more international transactions for its creators! What do you mean by the PDF? What do you think of the deck itself/like most about it?
  5. I ordered the True Black Tarot many many months ago, and it just arrived!(this deck is why I'm not allowed to buy any other decks for a while) Kinda awed/feel a bit unworthy! I'll post pictures later, but I'm genuinely blown away by how beautiful this deck is, and the quality of the cardstock - they're *so thick* (supposedly 50% thicker than the average RW), and the use of foil and finish is really impressive. His painting skill is also incredible. They're breathtaking in-hand/more lovely than even the pictures make them out to be, and I can't wait to play with them more and just keep touching them. Still, I'm reacting to the visuals at the moment/haven't read the book and am a novice reader; curious if anyone else pre-ordered the deck and what their thoughts are!
  6. Welcome!! You're not the only anxious, unsure tarot reader here - it's a really lovely place. And using the cards to ease one's mind and think through what's bothering us is a wonderful use! ;D
  7. Oooo do you Skyrim as well? My husband is replaying it this week and has been spending more time finding the perfect Handsome Dude/face fixing mods then actually playing the game, it's pretty hilarious. (Successful for: Nords, less successful for: Orcs. Poor fellow is abandoned for not being a toothsome enough monster.) My son is the Skyrim player. My admin (Odin) is here on the forum and he is a Skyrim player also. I did play when it first came out and picked it up a year or so later but my heart is in Fallout. I do still play Morrowind though on Xbox. Does he go to nexusmods.com? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim I'm sure he'll find something there! Many of the mods there are NSFW though so make sure he's at home and not the office! X-D Heh yes he is a big Nexus Modder! Let's not discuss the hilarious NSFW mods he's tried out *caff* the Physics always get... eeeenteresting. :bugeyed:
  8. Oooo do you Skyrim as well? My husband is replaying it this week and has been spending more time finding the perfect Handsome Dude/face fixing mods then actually playing the game, it's pretty hilarious. (Successful for: Nords, less successful for: Orcs. Poor fellow is abandoned for not being a toothsome enough monster.)
  9. Sold, I'll totally give it a longer chance, thank you!
  10. This is such a jam, thank you! I love some AWOLNATION but haven't kept up. Oh, wow, that's moving, thank you for that. His voice gives me chills. They are all so beautiful! <3 Ha ha ha I'd be lying if it wasn't *one* of the many reasons I'm such a huge fan. (The music is number one! I swear! I mean... most days O:-) )
  11. What were your fave parts?! How's the ending? (for someone who can't decide whether to wrap it up or move on) I was a huge Archie's comic fan growing up, and read a bit of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, so I've seen three episodes... jury's still out, need to decide whether to finish it. Harvey is so bland, and her friends are oddly incomplete; I'd kill for a show about Ambrose and the three witch school girls, they're so interesting comparatively. Now sure how I feel about the main character's actress, I liked her in Mad Men but there's something a bit off about her here to me. But it's very lush and fun!
  12. Saturn Celeste[/member] Never ever too much Prince. That song gets more beautiful every time I hear it. (And I've heard it A LOT) People were discussing some kpop (Monsta X! My runner-up fave korean band, Shoot Out is great fun, AND involves Tarot Cards and the Seven Deadly Sins: ) But I've become a BTS obsessive, and was revisiting their sexiest video, Blood, Sweat, and Tears today: Feeling dramatic and it's about to snow, so attractive fellows in fancy costumes dancing beautifully and kissing angel statues, being fallen angels, quoting Herman Hesse and just generally personifying a very lush state of mind is working for me.
  13. Yeah, that's a bummer. There's always the option to use different decks for different characters or something, though! That's what I'm planning to do for my current project (once I get back to working on it, that is ), since my two main characters are so different. I haven't yet figured out how this will work, though. H ahaha yes finding a way to work those two decks together could be interesting! You could have a deck for one character, another dec for another, AND THEN a third dec for their relationship? Glorious deck pandemonium! :))
  14. The It's Not You, It's Me Deck: The Mary El Tarot(http://mary-el.com/. I waited impatiently as she created the cards, keeping tabs (more legwork before Kickstarter!) and was very excited when it was completed. And... I just can't love it. It's undeniably powerful and astoundingly beautiful and it doesn't talk to me at all. I still have it, but it's time to part ways, I think. I've interviewed it multiple times, tried different spreads, and I never enjoy the process. The No, It's Definitely You Deck: Tarot of the Vampyres. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/vampyres/ So beautiful and dynamic, and some cards are fantastic, but way too many are just purdy vampires being purdy. The reviews are SO good and I did my research beforehand, and I just don't see the depth as spoken of in the (impressive) book or promised by the surface traits in too many of the cards.
  15. Thank you!!! Enjoying slowly reading about and figuring where to jump in, would love to join a reading group or study circle.
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