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  1. Tarot Mucha and Astrological Oracle Cards by Luanda Weatherspoon, Artwork by Antonella Castilli.
  2. Yeah, I’d say you need to pass on this one....those key words are just plain distracting. Why not save your money and wait for the uncluttered version that’s er...sure to follow?
  3. Thank you, @Grizabella! I will take a look at those.
  4. They DO look like they were made for each other! What a beautiful pairing. Lovely artwork on both decks. Thank you for sharing this, Raggydoll.
  5. Hello @52ravens! I’m also curious to know how it’s coming along. Your artwork is very beautiful and I’d love to purchase a deck. Any anticipated date for a Kickstarter campaign?
  6. Just ordered the Supra Oracle, a deck “loosely based on Jungian psychology.” So excited. Uusi has such beautiful offerings. https://uusi.us/collections/uusi-tarot/products/supra-oracle
  7. This is what I have found as well. I’ve gone through periods, too, where I tried to experience something or have tried to be very open to experiencing something so said something could manifest. I’ve experienced transcendence and interpreted things as potentially being numinous but always concluded these were brain states, with any potential meaning provided by me. I’m at peace with this now. **** I will say that I think being responsible for one’s own meaning-making is hard work.
  8. I think I would prefer similar-sized cards in a layout also. Might be distracting otherwise. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. I’ve really enjoyed reading about how everyone found their current path. I’m a secular humanist. Early on, my family of origin was Lutheran but then my parents joined one of the extreme Christian sects. When I was a teenager, they moved us to a commune to join a cult which fortunately disbanded after one year. It was the extremism that never set well with me, not the concepts of God or Christ. I rather enjoyed the idea of God. I just kept trying to make sense of everything and gradually settled upon my current path.
  10. I’ve really enjoyed this thread. It was a great question to get to know everyone a little better! My user name refers my stage of life, what Jung termed the Afternoon of Life. The wisdom gained along the way dovetails so nicely with Tarot. The avatar is one of the stock images available to new sign ups. I happen to like cats.
  11. My most-used spread is 5 cards dealt horizontally, with no fixed meanings for the positions. It develops as more of a narrative, read left to right. I find that most questions can be explored deeply with just 5 cards. For more complex readings on things such as a complex problem or desired change I have developed my own spreads with up to 12 cards, with psychological constructs being assigned to the positions.
  12. I had never considered using contrasting decks together. Very interesting idea!
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