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  1. There's something wrong with my wishlist, it keeps growing no matter how many decks I buy
  2. Trust me; I will. No problem By the way, Raggydoll. I got word today that the pre-ordered Bohemian Gothic Tarot Companion Book is on its way
  3. I can't see that they claim to be an authorized reseller. But there is probably little chances that anyone else here will end up in this online store. Maybe there are only me who can get such an idea By the way, they have added another 2 euros to the price since I bought on Monday. That is, I could have made an even worse deal
  4. Thanks, @Raggydoll and @bookshop! No, I didn't know this page of Yves. My knowledge of Marseille decks is limited, more than I knew. I thought I made a good deal, but it looks like I payed more for both the deck and the shipping than I needed Besides, I enclosed a link so others can make the same mistake. This ended up wrong in every way But at least no one can say that I do not want my fellow humans to have the same "benefits" as myself
  5. But there is a difference, I think. Those that you list are published in 2017 and are unnumbered. While the one I ordered is published in 2016 and given an unique number (up to 3000).
  6. I brushed the dust off my Spanish skills, and ordered one of the 3000 copies of the "Françoise Heri 1718" (2016-reproduction), for 39 Euro + shipping at a Spanish online store. In retrospect, I think I should have bought two decks on the same shipping since I can't find the deck on Amazon, and there are only three copies on eBay for prices from $178.99 to $249.99. They have decks left if someone's interested.
  7. Weekly Forecast Spread 1--2--3: 1 - What spirit will be most present this week? 2 - What is in my highest interest to make this week’s priority? 3 - What do I need to be mindful of and prepare for? I Ching message: Heaven (Knight of Swords) over Wind (Four of Chalices): 44 Improper meeting A darkness that had been subdued in the past now reemerges. What had been suppressed now bursts from the pressure and comes out onto the surface. Your conduct in the face of a tempting offer will bear great significance. On the road ahead of you is a small ditch. You must halt the brakes immediately. Do not try to roll over the ditch. The ditch represents an inferior element in your present situation that, if not eradicated right now, will have a permanent adverse impact on you. Constant and consistent checking will avoid disaster. Unions and partnerships are not auspicious. Comments on the draw Benebell says: "The Hollow Void builds our psychic inner platform for spiritual strength. This is the spirit presence with you as you look inward, reflect, meditate, and reach independent insight on why there is the hollow void." And it is remarkable that this particular card shows up here as I did my ISG reading for @Raggydoll with exactly Four of Cups last evening. And I still need a few days to try to understand what the card tells me to convey to Raggydoll. So the Four of Cups is also with me into the first days of this week in this respect. This, in turn, makes me wonder if I might be misunderstanding and try to interpret too much of what I immediately feel, such as with the ISG task. I probably shouldn't spend days thinking, that's probably not what intuition is all about. But, this is a learning process for me. So far in Tarot, I've really only used my intuition to draw the right card in a spread, which I think works very well. Sorry about the digression at the end
  8. Only 6 left now Thanks, @Saturn Celeste
  9. I had to take a break for a week, but I'm back in the game now. Weekly Forecast Spread Spirit that will be most present this week This card is about standing my ground, hold my position. Not about attaining new knowledge, but rather, it is about blocking distractions so that I can deepen my understanding of the knowledge I have already acquired. My highest interest to make this week's priority "The Eight of Orbs expresses the perfecting of your craft and being methodical in the ways you hone your skills. You possess a natural talent already; now you need to train yourself so that you can take that talent to heightened levels of productivity and success." Need to be mindful of and prepare for "The Angel of Storms and Battles will defend you and protect against malefic attacks and snares of demons you face." * The Integrated Reading: Tarot and I Ching Heaven (King of Swords) over lake (Queen of Swords) = Hexagram 10: Proceed with Caution: "Treading on the tail of the tiger. Know the high from the low. Exercise discernment. Proceed with caution. By treading with caution and yet being sure of your every step, you succeed at a dangerous undertaking. Be careful of those who try to disrupt your path. Walk your path alone for now. Trust in your own values. Do not seek out support or aid at this time. The perseverance of a hermit brings good fortune. The endeavor will succeed. To know your future, you must review your past." * Comments on the draw I think I know what the cards are about, but I'll walk my path alone for now.
  10. Yesterday something suddenly came up that made me buy a plane ticket and I'm traveling abroad tomorrow. Amazingly enough, this fits very well with the cards in the Weekly Forecast Spread. I'll be gone for a week. And the trip is difficult to combine with SKT, so, unfortunately, I have to take a break from SKT for a week. * On Monday, I forgot to check the I Ching Oracle message. Since the cards are so good I checked the message now, and there were words for reflection there: Thunder (Ten of Scepters) over Fire (Three of Scepters) = 55. Abundance to Opulence | Height of Advancement: Honors bestowed. There is progressive movement and there is clarity in the mind. You are in a position of great influence. You rise like the sun at the highest point in the sky. Be mindful when abundance becomes opulence. When abundance becomes opulence, the king will fall. Every Age of Enlightenment comes to a decline. A period of tremendous power is upon you, but bear in mind that this, too, shall pass. Embrace the tides of change, come what may.
  11. This was interesting, @Arch It gave me a taste for more.
  12. I have a website with a database, where I have defined a table with the fields (name, price, type of deck, author, deck image, etc.) that I find interesting. Then, later, when I have the data, I can query these fields and present as I like.
  13. Thanks for your encouraging words, it's fun with some hobby projects I will continue to register my decks. But yeah, registration and taking images take longer than one would think. I'll also get the presentation fixed; it doesn't look very nice yet. And it certainly shines through that I never will become a great designer. I improved the search/filtering function yesterday, but not deployed live yet. This function will be more useful the more decks I get registered.
  14. Yeah, it's scary! For me, the logic breaks when I (constantly) discover new decks that I didn't know existed.
  15. Weekly Forecast Spread The spirit of Established Strength will be most present. Highest interest to make this week's priority: Walls that blocked me before seem to come down and I am about to gain "access". Exciting. Mindful of/prepare for: Deal with oppression I have brought onto myself. Yes, this will be an exciting week! Dear reader, you just have to keep up!
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