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  1. And my 2P as well: Just to put prices into perspective, $35: I don't smoke, but if I had smoked 20 cigarettes a day, $35 would have lasted 4(four !!!) days. Instead, $35 will get me 3-4 pints of beer at a pub one day. Or eighteen liters of fuel for a car. ...You get the picture, and I'm not even exaggerating, this is actually the price level where I live So, perhaps the subscription prices should have been differentiated on where you live, with different zones. The forum already picks up our IP address so it can certainly be solved. But this may not be desirable, and some will probably experience this as unfair. I agree with Rupicapra, $10 for one month is probably too much. Too many people, who later could become annual subscribers, will likely refrain from trying. I think it would be better to have low prices to embrace most people. Those who are fond of the forum and can afford it will probably donate some extra dollars from time to time, although it is, of course, difficult for the administrators if a large proportion of the income is variable income. But reduce costs: Eight forum themes to choose from are way too many and too expensive. Remove the 2-3 fewest themes in use the next time the license expires.
  2. Ohh, I've spent time with the Stretch Tarot these last couple of days. I will use it for my next reading circle, for Coweb, within a couple of days I have already grown fond of this deck I was really in doubt about that. (Maybe I'll even like the "ugly" Bohemian Gothic as well ) We will see, regarding the ‘most used decks’ entries
  3. I think this is a good initiative for more activity in the forum. It will be interesting to see how much attention this will get every week. Personally, I would have preferred that all decks that were entered into the Deck Library were automatically candidates in the annual polls. This would cause the Deck Library to grow and be updated regularly. But maybe both of these sources can be used for annual polls?
  4. 11 days on a cruise ship in Norway... Welcome to Hurtigruten! You're going to get some nice days You'll be starting in Bergen, which is Norway's second largest city and two days later on your way north, you'll reach Trondheim (third largest city). You can find stores like Outland in both Bergen and Trondheim(walking to centrum from the boat takes about 10 min) selling Tarot/Oracle decks. But I don't think you'll be able to find any original Scandinavian decks in any physical store; I believe you'll have to order online. I don't have an overview, but there are probably only very few decks that are initially Scandinavian. Those that I know about are these two which are Norwegian Oracle decks: 1) Vikingkort - by Eli Wium, which is a rather new deck published in 2017. Eli Wium is one of Norway's most famous clairvoyants, who has made 81 divination cards. If you use Google Translate on this page, I think you get a good impression about the deck: https://www.dadda.no/store/product/vikingkort-spadomskort (Here you can get the deck signed, but they have only one copy left.) Her husband Morten is Danish and has lived 11 years in Greenland. So the two of them probably know a lot about the Norse mysticism. The deck has a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Vikingkort/ If you scroll down on the FB page until 18. November 2017, you'll see pictures of the box where it says that it's 81 cards (I found that confusing because some of the online stores say 81 cards but also 44 cards, but 81 cards are correct). 2) Guddommelig tidfesting orakelkort - by Janne M. Svensen https://www.mystica.no/products/guddommelig-tidfesting-orakelkort-norsk-kort-nettbutikk-mystica
  5. You spent: $35.91, which is OVER your budget! Yikes! You went over budget. You picked the gold bottle of champagne... didn't you? Who could blame you? It was just too tempting! Don't worry. Your cutie wants a second date, anyway. Hope you can afford it!
  6. Yes, I admit it, I eat more dinner instead of dessert.
  7. @Nordica De Spell Start here: https://www.thetarotforum.com/gallery/ Click on "Add images" button, high on the right of the page. Choose Category: Select; Member Uploads. Click Continue when getting the warning "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator". You now get an "Add Images" page, where you press "Add Images" (don't mind about copyright, credit, tags). Upload your image (of the cards of the deck that you already have taken a picture of). Afterward; Click on that image: At the right part of this window set caption (name of deck), click "use rich text editor" to enable html-style and fill in required info and more. Press "Save details" when you are done. I think that's it EDIT: Yes, you have reached my point # 5 above
  8. KaiNO

    Patch Tarot

    Has anyone considered buying Patch Tarot? The deck is available now for a 50% discount with code "SpecialSale" until end of 19th of May. But they have numbered the major arcana different, e.g., 7-Lovers, 8-Chariot, 9-Passion, 10-Hermit, etc. "The biggest change in this deck has to be the reversal of positions between The Empress and The Emperor, which was done incredibly purposefully and, in our humble perspectives, by the hand of Spirit. This switch aligned The Empress with the Hebrew letter “Heh”, of which stands for the Feminine components of the Tetragrammaton (Yod Heh Vav Heh) – the Holy Name of God. It also allowed the Major Arcana flow, from cards 1 – 4, to balance “Male, Female, Male, Female”, and describes that it is through the feminine that the new consciousness (The Hierophant) is born. All of this and more is further described in The Book of Patch." Patch Tarot Press Conference 2018 ~ The Great Unveiling "This groundbreaking deck is an amalgamation of the world’s most prominent Tarot imagery and symbolism, taking into account the relationships between all of the elements, astrology, the Tree of Life, and so much more. It also reveals the hidden aspects of the Tree of Life, bringing four new benevolent cards into the mix which we’ve called “Holy Arcana”. Is this clever thought out, or just little compatible with tarot otherwise?
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