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  1. Thanks, Little Fang Apart from some books I once read by Wilbur Smith where the action took place in Ancient Egypt (River God and the sequel are wonderful books), I don't know much about the culture of Egypt. I can understand that my question was difficult to answer, but your answer is still enlightening Thank you for drawing so many cards. It piqued my interest to google a bit on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses now, and maybe I will read more about i later when I have the time.
  2. Ok I'm glad to hear that you didn't freeze to death. Brrr, cold summer this year
  3. The gallery is already lovely, Celeste. Very well done! What I pointed out are just small things that don't mean the world, no hurry
  4. Regarding the table of contents page of the library of decks: 1) The Slow Tarot is forgotten. 2) Wouldn't it be easer to find decks if the decks starting with "The" was sorted by the following word? Not: R-T The Cheimonette Tarot The Considerate Cat Tarot etc. But instead under: A-F Cheimonette Tarot, The Considerate Cat Tarot, The etc
  5. Hey, Little Fang! I have donated 5 dollars and I would very much like a reading from you. Like Liz Dean, I'd like to ask: "How do I position myself to make the best of opportunities coming my way?" Of course I don't expect a complete answer for $5, but perhaps a hint?
  6. Why, why, why did I read your posts I was happily ignorant of this deck. Now I just had to order it But what a fantastic deck
  7. Thanks, Venus Rising And yeah, The Everyday Witch is a great deck, I love it According to their website: "Featuring a brighter and more balanced design, cleaner card edges, redesigned card faces, and the same, classic artwork found in the Second Edition." But sure, Rupicapra , I'll let you know my opinion, I have the second edition as well to compare.
  8. I haven't gambled on football betting for several years, but got one whim this weekend and won $410. But this money just popped into my account before they left right away: - The Darkness of Light Tarot (3rd edition) + Book - Millennium Thoth Tarot - The Kingdom Within Tarot - Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal - Goetia Tarot in Darkness (Kickstarter-upgrade to LE) - Cosmic Cycles Tarot (Kickstarter-upgrade to LE) - Catharsis Tarot ...so, I will love the postman in the future too
  9. No celebration of 4th of July and long weekend here I'm afraid, but that would have been great now
  10. I don't want to take the place from anyone else who needs it better than me. I was quite new to Tarot and enjoyed myself with guidance from mentors last winter, but this was in relation to the Rider-Waite. However, I feel strongly for Thoth and have decided to teach myself this. I think I'm quite self-sustaining even though I at times find myself digging too deep in details without seeing the whole picture, so in this particular area, a mentor could have been useful to me. A little about where I am now: I've started my own journal where I try to write down what I learn about Astrology, Kabbalah, and Thoth. I haven't come so far as to learn about Thoth yet, I think need a little more knowledge about the Tree of Life first. But my plans are to go through card by card of Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot this coming autumn/winter in terms of meanings and symbolism and compare the cards with other Thoth-Inspired decks like Tabula Mundi Tarot, Kingdom Within Tarot, Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal, etc. I have some great books like the DuQuette book, Tarot Correspondence by T. Susan Chang and Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien. And The Book of Thoth is winging its way to me. I don't quite know how or if I would fit in your class, @Barleywine. But as a former student, I have access to the student area, so I can (like Saturn Celeste) always peek at "Barleywine's Thoth 101 Beginner Class" So, let others have the opportunity before me! But it is awesome that someone with your expertise will teach Thoth
  11. I would love to travel back to Mallorca, Spain in 1984 and see what I did with the tarot deck that I believe I bought in the belief that it was a regular deck of playing cards. This was, I think, actually my first Tarot deck, but I didn't know what it was at that time, and I probably just threw it away. This irritates me boundlessly today. Perhaps by time travel, I could influence myself to keep the deck. And if I was too stubborn at that time to listen to reason, I could at least enjoy the sun and the hot weather now and listen to music by Wham and Nick Kershaw
  12. The postman was very kind to me today. Three packages!
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