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  1. My fourth week of twenty-two is finish. Regarding the I Ching Oracle message: After I drew the weekly forecast I was in doubt about which card should go to the upper trigram? The Stronghold (card 3) or the Shield (card 4). I chose the original last card (card 3). But in retrospect, I think that card 4 would have given me a more reasonable reading. I notice this and will be comparing next time this happens.
  2. I liked your pages, @bookshop and @Saturn Celeste I'm on a similar project, started a couple of weeks ago. But it is quite time-consuming, so it is still long before I'm finished. And my design looks far from pretty yet I liked that the two of you have your own short comment on every deck. Maybe I'll steal that idea as an introduction on my front page too.
  3. Weekly Forecast Spread The top right chalice of the Memory Keeper caught my attention first, so there will be joy and cheer for me this week. But I should aspire for more. Demand greater success and higher achievement from myself. Don't restrict my potential. I will receive a message, perhaps about an opportunity to establish myself, probably by standing my ground/holding my position with might and confidence. The Integrated Reading: Tarot and I Ching Mountain (Page of Orbs) over wind (Six of Chalices) = Hexagram 18: Decay, giving me this divinatory reading: "An infestation results in the decay of matter. Dogma causes degeneration. There has been spoilage and degeneration, so it is critical to take action immediately. The father is not fit to lead; the successor son must rise to the occasion. Great obstacles to come. Prevent further atrophy. Strive to be virtuous. Do not go forward if you seek power. Go forward only if you rise with pure heart. Undertake the daunting challenge. For the critical timing of events, look to Jupiter, the spring season, and the midnight hours." Comments on the draw Since I drew a page, I drew an additional card to get the message the spirit is delivering. It felt right for me to keep the last of the original cards (the page) for the upper trigram (and not the queen).
  4. KaiNO

    Madam Clara

    I chose matte green edges, deep earth pouch color, opted in 5 random cards But I chose pumice stone (alt B) back color so I believe we chose the same there
  5. KaiNO

    Ludy Lescot Tarot

    From the album: Dark Decks

    Author: Lo Scarabeo Artist: Patrizio Evangelisti Dimensions: 69 x 122 x 30mm | 227g Publication date: 08 Sep 2011 Publisher: Llewellyn Publications Publication Country: United States Language: English ISBN10: 0738731102 ISBN13: 9780738731100 Buy where: bookdepository.com, amazon.com
  6. Weekly Forecast Spread It's all about the Chalices this week — time for inner renewal. I will find inner peace. And If I don't neglect the relationships I cherish, I can walk through the valley of shadows. The Integrated Reading: Tarot and I Ching Wind (Two of Chalices) over wind (Queen of Chalices) is Hexagram 57: Gentle Force, giving me this divinatory reading: "Submit to the direction of the winds. The power you exert must be a gentle force. The wind is powerful because time is its power. The wind uses time to accomplish all endeavors. So you, too, like the wind, must use time to accomplish your endeavor. Be the unseen influence. The magus casts a spell that will produce an unseen influence. Whether the warrior advances or retreats, both decisions will bode well so long as the decision is made with conviction. One must delve below the surface, perhaps into the unconscious mind to understand the situation at hand. The wind is favorable. Small gains to be had."
  7. From the album: Esoteric Decks

    Author/Artist: Benebell Wen Versions: - First Edition (OOP, 1000 copies, sold out in 7 days on 12th of Oct 2018). - Vitruvian Edition (OOP, 2000 copies, sold out on 5th of Aug 2019, pre-order started 17th of Jan 2019). Each deck given a unique name and consecrated by the author.) (This is the version depticted here). Homepage: https://benebellwen.com Deck: 80-card deck, 2.75″ x 4.75″ on 350 gsm cardstock in an absolute matte finish with gilded (gold) edging, packaged inside a 1200 gsm top and bottom lid box (all decks are anointed with a hand-crafted oil blend of Ceylon cinnamon, cassia cinnamon, tears of myrrh, lemongrass, and Athenian olive oil). 80-page printed 2.75″ x 4.75″ Little White Book (LWB) included with the deck, inside the box (free PDF download of the LWB available). About: Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is a hand-illustrated 78-card tarot deck (with 2 additional versions of Key 0, for a total of 80 cards) inspired by late Renaissance woodcut prints, with symbology based predominantly on medieval European alchemy, Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, astrology, the Kabbalah, Abrahamic angelology, Egyptian mythology, Sufism, and late Renaissance Christian mysticism. Digitally Included: - Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT (158 pages) - Book of Maps (740 pages) - Little White Book (LWB) (80 pages) - Major Arcana only Children’s Coloring Book (71 pages) - Book of Names (22 pages) Free to the public: - Medium White Book (MWB) (198 pages) - Video Course Series I, an 18-video orientation course on the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, covering my perspective on accessing the Akashic Records with SKT, ritual magic, kundalini awakening, pathworking, astral journeying, and more. - Video Course Series II, a 12-video orientation course that is intended to be more practical and accessible than Series I. Series II covers the Majors and Minors separately, each of the four suits, their correspondences, and guided tarot readings to be used in conjunction with LWB, MWB, Book of Maps, and 22-week workbook.
  8. By the way, I saw someone who had downloaded the free major arcana cards and uploaded them to makeplayingcards.com and ordered them holographic. That was actually cool:
  9. Yeah! I considered buying an extra deck the last few hours before it sold out. I drew a card on whether to do it or not, but I drew The Captor (8 of Swords) so I didn't
  10. Weekly Forecast: What spirit will be most present this week? Sacred Fire This fosters my utmost creativity, willpower, and ability to innovate. How wonderful. This week I will definitely start some new projects. What is in my highest interest to make this week's priority? 10 Wheel of Life I take the energy from Sacred Fire with me and surf the changing cycles and even the cycles of my mind. What do I need to be mindful of and prepare for? 19 The Warrior Wow, when the Warrior appears, success is imminent. Glory comes. Summary The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
  11. Okay, I'm done with my first week. It got busy in the end as I postponed all the videos and a lot of reading the documentation for the last few days... Here is my reflection on my weekly forecast: I think the three cards complement each other quite well. What spirit will be most present this week? Archangel Commander Doing this first week of the 22-Weeks a lot what I've gone through at daily bases is new to me. And I feel that I have needed the Archangel Commander to bring me strength, conviction, courage, and manifest fearlessness. And to ensure that the Light in me prevails to continue this journey. What is in my highest interest to make this week's priority? Stronghold of the Grail "The Page of Chalices is the Stronghold here to help you become better attuned to your emotions, helping you in your pursuit of true happiness. She appears to you when you need further guidance on your path to finding your personal Holy Grail." I believe that I am on some sort of spiritual path right now. That what I'm doing at the moment is something essential with this 22-weeks that will change me into a better version of myself for the rest of my life. So I guess this was my highest interest this week to give me a message that I'm on the right path. (At the time of the reading, I wasn't aware that I could/should have drawn a clarifying card.) What do I need to be mindful of and prepare for? The Haunt I'm pretty good at not thinking about things I don't want to think about. Starting this process of the 22-weeks, I have felt a little deeper about things than I usually do. When you have lived a life, I also have my inner demons, regrets, and actions I have taken both against others and against myself. So this week I have been thinking through a lot I haven't thought about in a long time. ' I've written more about my first week here. But then I'm well under way! Only 21 weeks left..., I just manage to finish during the year
  12. For me, the July deck is the Thoth deck.
  13. KaiNO

    Madam Clara

    There are always some early birds that cancel when the settlement hour approaches, then you can take their place. I've done this a few times before, here as well
  14. KaiNO

    Madam Clara

    I've backed this deck, and I'm very happy with all the reached strech goals. ...and the Early-Riser price that I get
  15. My name and address was added to the replacement list on June 18th by Mr Riddle, but I haven't heard or received anything after that... But it seems like the 2nd edition still is off the market.
  16. Wow, that will be interesting I'm looking forward to that In the meantime, I will stop asking for details
  17. Oh, that's great, @Raggydoll! Good for you But why so modest? What did you order I wonder... Sure you don't want to share? Hmm...? Yeah, I've been thinking about learning to read the Lenormand for quite a while now. To be honest, I have too much that I'm trying to learn at the same time right now, but I read the great thread started by @Decan about Favorite Lenormand Decks, and then I came across this page which turned out to be many great pages as well. And yes, one thing led to the other and suddenly I couldn't stop myself from ordering some decks
  18. I ordered four decks today just to be sure: Art of Life Tarot Deck Blue Owl (Lenormand) Under the Roses (Lenormand) Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition (Lenormand)
  19.  I don't cut my own hair and I just had lunch at a restaurant, but otherwise: my thoughts exactly
  20. I have the new Vitruvian edition and ordered "Book of Maps" and "Twenty-Two Weeks" from Lulu now. My 22 weeks start next Monday. Looks like busy weeks...
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