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  1. Just wanted to add/update... apparently when I had that reading she ran my Vedic astrology chart. Vedic astrology deals with gemstone remedies for difficult placements in the chart. I ran my Vedic chart a couple years ago at astro.com but I'm a real beginner at trying to understand it. I like to watch KRSchannel on youtube to get just a little bit of understanding on how it all works. He's funny too. In Vedic astrology my Ketu is in the 7th house and apparently that is where this avoid tiger eye recommendation is coming from. Its effect is supposed to be instantaneous and negative. For anyone interested in crystals/gems and astrology combined, seems like Vedic astrology would really be a fruitful thing to look into. From the bit of reading I've done, I am gonna stay away from tiger's eye and follow the recommendation. At least for now, I'm a chicken :biggrin: I already have a thyroid health condition that would be aggravated by it quite a bit. Always something new... I need to live a long time to look into all the things I want to look into :biggrin:
  2. Hi Sandy :) I was trying to picture your chart and can see where anything that affects the outer planets would really affect you with them conjuncting very important places in your chart. Oh my gosh about your father drowning and Uranus connection. I'm so sorry. The suddenness of Uranus and what it can it do makes me watch it as well. When you use those gems that resonate with the outer planets in your chart, does it seem to reduce the ill effects of the transits for you? And just heighten the positive qualities? Thank you so much for your experiences with them. This is helpful! EDIT: Sandy!! You're mentioning astrology in connection to gemstones and effects... I just googled to find out about tigers eye. Mind you, I never found anything about this before googling just on tigers eye alone. But in combination with astrology there is something about it with Jyotish and Ketu and said it could only be determined by studying the birth chart. She did ask for my birthdate. There are recommendations for individuals to avoid certain gemstones based on astrology. Wow, never knew that and wouldn't have found out if it wasn't for you post. Thank you!!! I have to read more to see what this is all about but wow. Mystery finally solving!! I still want to use Daniel's approach to working with it like he did with his Rose Quartz. You guys are awesome!!
  3. Thank you Daniel! You gave me lots to think about. I used to be on AT but I didn't post all that often. Tarot was confusing to me so mostly I just read a lot. I had never considered that her recommendations might have been based on what may have already been a strong enough energy in my makeup. Thats really interesting to think over. Your personal experience with Black Obsidian and Rose Quartz is really helpful. Especially how you worked gradually with the Rose Quartz. I'm not as sensitive to crystal energies as you are but I love that approach. I normally do buy little tumbled stones except for quartz. And I keep the little stones in my pocket. I've always been attracted to turquoise. And love moonstone, moss agate, well just a bunch of them. Considering that reading was so many years ago everything may be different. It was just puzzling to me but your post is really helping. At the time I had it done, it was sent to me on cassette tape which shows you again how far back this goes. Trying to remember the events surrounding it. I had already been through a whole lot in life. Very tragic stuff. And married a few years afterwards. If I recall she just needed my name and birthdate to do the channeled reading. And it was a reading to see which crystals were best for me. It was weird in a way cause she also did like a loud gasp sound about half way through the tape. Freaked me out again, X-D Whatever that was all about, I'm here and I survived :biggrin: Thank you again for your awesome response. Got good stuff to think about!
  4. A number of years ago I had a psychic reading done. It wasn't in person, it was by snail mail (thats how long ago it was, X-D ) Anyways, the psychic told me to avoid tigers eye but never said why. Has anyone ever heard of telling someone to avoid certain gems/crystals? She did suggest rose quartz and citrine, both of which were sent to me. And said to avoid nickel that it would be harmful to me on all levels. But the precise reason for those avoid recommendations was never given to me. I have avoided them. I have searched for the answer to this but never come across it. Just wondering if anyone else was told something like this?
  5. I like yours. Has a lot of colors! Cool. I had one done at a psychic fair, gosh must be around 20 years ago or so. Mine was mostly red if I remember right. It was like mostly just the shoulders up. Some yellow but mostly red which freaked me out, haha. I did some looking for what it all meant cause there was no interpretation given with it. And they said it can change over time and the colors were very subjective. When people have looked at mine (not photo) they told me I had gold sparking. Did they interpret yours for you?
  6. My Faeries Oracle I've had for years and even though its thin its held up except for wear along the edges cause I use it a lot :biggrin: I also have their Heart of Faerie and that one was disappointing to me to open. The cards are really thin. I'm afraid to shuffle it which is why I probably don't use it so much. I wish these card makers would take more care with what stock they use for printing.
  7. I know this thread is a few months old. But I wanted to add another book to it for reference. I love Diane Stein's "The Women's Book of Healing" for looking up info on crystals. She incorporates auras, chakras and energy healing with her information on crystals. I have several of her books and they are my first go-to books.
  8. I really liked the article Libra linked to. Never knew there were so many uses for them. I'd only heard of them called holey stones before and that was in reading I'd done when learning about the Fae. Was considered very lucky to have one. Hang onto that Thoughtful and hope it brings you lots of magic.
  9. abalone


    Temperance to me is a message to tone it down. Don't let things escalate or spiral out of control. Nothing to excess. And it makes me think of The Temperance movement where they tried to reign in alcohol.
  10. EmpressAdora, those that talk about souls being trapped here on Earth usually also say that there is always help available to them. That higher level beings are present who help those souls move on when they are ready. Like here, it seems we always have free will. No one can make you go to the Light. Some souls feel they have unfinished business or they are still attached to their previous life and aren't ready yet to move on. Or they fear moving on. Maybe a fear of judgement? It takes them time to see they aren't achieving anything by hanging around here. When they are ready help is available.
  11. I think tarot gives us permission and a system to use to begin to hone in on our intuition. You hear about some readers who lay the cards out but don't even look at them or read them. They read off their intuition. I would guess in their case, its more of a comfort or ritual. What I started to see happening in my own life (and I'm trying to develop -when I remember :biggrin: ) is sometimes I'll be involved in a situation where I don't have an answer and I don't have any cards around. Occasionally a card will flash in my mind or I'll ask for one. And it has relevant information to the situation. I think -- but I'm no expert -- that the cards can become internal signposts. Similar to someone to studies a book thoroughly and in a pinch or moment of indecision will recall a relevant passage from the book.
  12. I had an OBE once when I was a kid and unfortunately not been able to have another experience like it. But I don't fear anything about it. It was awesome. I think if you go into things with fear that will manifest as a bad experience. As a side note, I've read and heard that when we have flying dreams often we are astral traveling. And sometimes when you come back, if its really sudden, you'll jolt awake. I have elevator crashing dreams that I think were those sudden return trips, :biggrin:
  13. I voted Yes. For a number of years I've been following NDE reports. Afterlife communication. My views on this pretty much line up with Spiritualists. I believe there is not only an afterlife but that we can connect with it. I've had dreams, signs, help given by deceased loved ones, even visitations from my pet. So yes, definitely :love:
  14. I love how you combined other healing systems with the reflexology. Were you using intuition to know which system to use and how? It sounds like it went great and I'm glad you got some validation from her. That is really nice when you have someone you can partner with and trade sessions. Do you think you will do it professionally?
  15. I think it looks wonderful!
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