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  1. Nope. The majority of my Tarot stuff is on the 2nd floor. One has to be a good friend to step inside the room (bedroom) that they reside in. Lol. In my home therapy room - I do have the ShadowScapes Tarot on display in a wrack next to the health leaflets. Clients only notice if they're really looking around. Or when I pull it out and say... "well - shall we ask the cards for a suggestion or alternative view?..."
  2. If they were available at the time - I'd have done more courses (I'm on a very nice short Marseille Tarot workshop at the moment) and if I'd bumped into them sooner - I'd have joined more Tarot Moots to get more live practice and interaction.
  3. <3 <3 <3 Love it. Waiting for the extra cards to arrive <3 <3 <3
  4. Lol. If I have a HUGE BURNING QUESTION - which is rare these days... I'll get someone else to read my cards. Mostly I use my cards for deconstruction of my emotional baggage, magick and ritual, and reading practice. The form of reading for myself that I might do - is "asking my quides for comments or advice" - somehow, if I approach it like this I find I'm less likely to see what I want to see etc. as some of you have described.
  5. :D I never liked the RWS because I prefer my artwork to be more modern. BUT - when I went to a presentation about the artists life - I began to appreciate the RWS and now, I can read with it happily (and have quite a few versions of it). But - I still wouldn't choose it otherwise. I take it to Tarot meetings because where I am - it is the common deck that newbies start with - so I always have a copy if I'm working with a new reader.
  6. Ofcourse they do :D If you're into anthropomorphising. Different artwork plus different individual looking on = getting different flavours from different decks. I have spell decks (decks that I use for magick and ritual) for different purposes depending on the "character" that they convey. And use different decks according to my mood. If reading for the public - I'll always try to use what I think comes across as "appropriate" in feel and visual impact for the querent.
  7. That it was multicultural (somewhat), colourful and modern (I have multicultural roots). It's The Gendron Tarot: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/gendron/ My 1st deck was the Art Nouveau by Matt Myers (http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/art-nouveau-tarot/) - and after I'd learned some basics I realised I was craving a multicultural deck... So for some years after I passively "searched for THE ONE" Lol - and eventually bumped into The Gendron Tarot in Camden Market one day (London, UK). I use other decks - but this one's my "go to" and one I think of with most comfort and fondness.
  8. Yes. After I read (some years ago now) "Portable Magic - Tarot is the only tool you need" by Donald Tyson, I found there was not end to the use of Tarot for spells I had in mind. My spell decks are separate from my reading decks (I may use the same deck for reading - but it will be a different copy of it). And - I've even found downloadable PDFs of Rider-Waite-Smith style drawings (Etsy - I think it was) that I print out and colour in - the drawing and colouring as part of the magickal process of putting intent into the working. I can't suggest decks that have extra magickal energy - that is subjective in my opinion - and may change over time depending on the growth and change of the individual. I use Tarot of the Cat People, Barbara G Walker, Modern Spellcaster's Tarot, The Tarot of the Night, and Steve Hounsome's Therapy Tarot is full of nature photos which I find useful for element representation.
  9. "Blatant Pagan Idolatry"... :think: :think: :think: whatever are you going on about??? :D :D :D (Says the progressive Wiccan with Chaos magick leanings and lots of idols... Small ones though - I haven't much space). HermitWriter - you could have a metal bowl and burn your Sigils in it outside? - just lighting it with a match or lighter and drop it into the bowl (use some kind of tongues to avoid burning fingers - sometimes that's a long nosed pair of scissors for me) cigarette paper burns really quickly too. @ Flaxen - I love the idea of blueberry ink on a stone placed in a stream. Though - no streams near me ;D
  10. Grimoire Or Book of Shadows? There isn't quite a clear line between them I think... Except maybe a Book of Shadows is personal (like a diary) and not expected to be referred to by other people. So - mine then, is a Book of Shadows. It's small and is a hardbound exercise book with Kenyan flavoured cover decoration that I found years ago when I still lived there. I have my most favourite spells, formats & poems in there - that I might refer to and re-use every year (e.g. format for the 8 Sabbats, or basic healing or banishing spells - I'm Wiccan). Everything else goes into other notebooks/sketchbooks or is in textbooks on the bookshelf - mostly in one section of the bookshelf. I have a notebook that functions as a dream diary beside my bed - when I think the dream was interesting ;) @ Raggydoll - :heartz: :heartz: very pretty drawings :)
  11. ;D I don't like doughnuts... :think: :think:
  12. [River] "It says you should start your path in witchcraft from "home", from your own roots and magical customs." Well... I absolutely didn't do that ;D X/ I just wondered about, reading a bit of this and that, and sampling this and that (smiling sweetly at the Catholic practice I found myself in and biding my time until I found something else) - until I bumped into the thing that "fit". Which incidentally - is Eclectic/Progressive Wicca. [River] "what if someone is adopted and has no idea about their biological parents? Do they need to look for where their DNA comes from in order to start on a certain spiritual path?" NO - quite simply IMO. I am half Kenyan and half Swiss. I know no further than a very brief history of my grandparents from each side, and I grew up in a loosely Roman Catholic structure (my parents were not strict Roman Catholics), which I went along with, keeping to myself about any facets of it that didn't work for me, until I left home. When I moved on to University, that was when I first walked into an occult bookstore (none existed at home - I grew up in Kenya, with a cosmopolitan twist due to a Swiss mother), and encountered a huge array of practices and ideas on the whole subject. I read. I attended lectures and workshops... and when I bought my first Wicca book and read it (even though I didn't quite approve of the author) - I thought - "ahh - so this is what I am". Simple as that. Now - I only just last month got my basic DNA test result (because I was curious to see just how mixed I really am. There are a couple of surprises in there, and it is pretty mixed as I knew: North, East and West Africa; plus Iberia, Eastern Europe (including Ashkenazi Jews from there) & Italy; plus South and West Asia.) - and... there is no influence to explain why Wicca fits me so well. Lol. THEN AGAIN - because Wicca (invented in the UK) in truth, is a mixture of a whole load of things... perhaps it explains it perfectly!! :think: :D :D :D But I'd never have discovered it in either of the countries that my parents come from, and grew up in - culture and all. There's my pennys worth. :heartz:
  13. Why not? Maybe you could ask for it as a subsection in the Chatter Room? ** Oh - I see you have one now ^-^ ^-^
  14. Tanga


    As has been said. Wicca - was invented around the 2nd world war in the UK (and then spread to the US and mutated into different forms including inclusive of Christianity and sole Goddess worship - so when referring to the UK format - one calls it British Traditional Wicca). It originally has the duality of Goddess and God, though there is flexibility within this - meaning one doesn't have to stick strictly to this, depending on what the practice occasion is. It is a combination of things from pagan practices, old English folklore, and bits from the Western traditions. Witchcraft in many forms (casting spells) - has been practiced since the dawn of time. You can be a Witch without being Wiccan. You are a Witch if you are Wiccan because spell craft is a part of Wicca. Though I suppose some solitary Wiccans may not practice spell craft... (shocking!!! :o :) ). Spellcraft is integral to coven Wicca (i.e. being in a closed/private Wiccan group). Originally (apparently - and still now if you ask coven members) - you could not be considered Wiccan if you were not in a coven - because Wicca is about the group dynamic and the initiatory levels within it, as was it's design (but then you could argue that the originators were not Wiccan ;) ). I can say - that the group dynamic and organic development of the Wicca coven is like no other and of course, cannot be reproduced as a solitary. If you wish to have some idea of this - attending an open circle run by Wiccans is the way. (i.e. a Wiccan ritual/ceremony open to public attendance). ...For my journey - discovering a format that gave more freedom in choosing the Deity, stating that beautiful places outdoors were the best for communing with the Divine, and dancing and celebrating together with a group of friends under a full moon... These were the things that "clicked" for me (compared to rigidly sitting in a Roman Catholic church pew trying not to inhale the Frankincese - and feeling that everyone was attempting to outdo everyone else in their "sunday best" ;) ). I love my Altar and my props (wand, athame, chalice and pentacle etc.). I love that I can make an Altar with props out of all sorts of things - even in Nature. I really enjoy inventing my own rituals and spells for specific things. I like attending circle with others (only occasionally now) out in the open - the chanting and focus on creating the experience with the group is interesting and fun. I like seeing the magick in my life, and believing :o :o :o ;D
  15. I prefer it to be important. Unless you are pm-ing me to tell me there's a topic I might be interested in or are asking me to join it. Otherwise it's just more mail in the sea of email that I already get ;).
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