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  1. Child maintenance payments. 5 of pentacles & 3 of Cups
  2. if only our politicians were that honest. I just found out that Boris Johnson was once fired by a British newspaper for dishonesty!!! haha. An institution that is the most devoid of truth on the planet! If you can judge the morality & integrity of a society by the politicians the people elect, then we are seriously f****d....excuse my french but i literally couldn't think of another word.
  3. @devin eye-eye...he's mentioned you in his blog...hob-nobbing with the literati! Actually, it's looks a really good website.
  4. That's a good idea! Love to see the card for Boris Johnson...his past is going to catch up with him, without a doubt. He's been to Eton .. there's gonna be a photo of him in bed with a horse or something; or snorting coke off a trannies navel at the very least.
  5. I think that the cards would give you an accurate reading, but it's the deciphering of it with timescales etc that would be the hard bit. Although I suspect when 'sensitives' start to look into these matters then it probably means the pressure's building & something's going to POP! A study of the transits of the outer, slower transits in astrology would be more decipherable. I know in the early part of the 20th century & the "Golden Age" of fortune telling & esoterism, many stock brokers and bankers used this medium (and tarot too). I saw this book in Glastonbury that was written in the 1920's called The Stock Market & Astrology. Would of loved to have purr-chased but it was 200 quid. Hey @Joe put the reading up if you find a suitable spread...
  6. Think about how Hendrix felt when he first picked up a guitar; when Charles Dickens first picked up his quill; how Blake felt when he picked up the grain of sand and saw the world! Think about when Lennon first met McCartney. Because if you've had word from up on high then you & tarot were meant for each other. Love them without prejudice and rock those babies!
  7. Okay, yes thanks @Halcyon for the feedback. Yes, I can tell from what you say that you're well down that road which I speak and you're introspection has been deep. 20 years!! I understand your need for aloneness. And gaslighting..I was so interested in the concept when I heard about it that I watched the film Gaslight from which the notion was struck...creepy. Anyway, good luck, I'm sure the cards will give you the solace you seek.
  8. It'll be the shadow-side of the cards first. You have to understand why you attracted him & fell for him, why you didn't see through him earlier, & what role he played in your life. It's a painful process, but necessary, otherwise it'll just happen again. The Devil is the obvious card, and maybe The Emperor if you had a difficult relationship with your father. Perhaps not so obvious is the 6 of Pentacles & the mutual dependence of the abuser & the abused ... and you have to address the balance within yourself. On a more Jungian level is the dark-side of 2 of Cups ... they are looking in each others eyes: they see nothing else but soulmates, the love of their lives, they see a reflection of themselves (the two look alike in the card) but one is the devil disguised & the other still doesn't see this. This again is more about yourself, and recognising the 'sheep in wolf's clothing' before you fall for the same person again. Everyone says they won't fall for the same type again, but they always do because they attract each other like magnate unless they understand the reasons why. Luckily tarot is the perfect tool for this kind of self-work, deep introspection & healing. When you've done the shadow-side, Ace of Cups & Temperance are the perfect tonic. Good luck. Just read it back & I didn't mean to sound so harsh....I grew up in a family & a town knee-deep in dysfunctional relationships, hence the cynicism. However, I do stand by the above. But yes, congratulations for the getting out!!
  9. Very interesting stories & beliefs!!! There is an idea that when this incarnation is over & we die, our soul ascends to an arc of the brilliant light and to a much wider plane of pure consciousness where we exist without the limitation of the body & without the dueling of emotion & intellect, where only clarity & pure love exist. This is life. Then when it is time for our next 'karmic' incarnation here in earth, our 'soul-friends' mourn us and we lament our passing back into the drawbacks of the human body & mind for as we all know even the most charmed life suffers here on earth. This is death. So within the paradox of the soul, life is death and death is life. The womb is a grave and the grave is a womb. It is said this is why the first thing we do after we are born is cry, and also why the face of most dead bodies look at peace. How true this is, god knows. But when I was told this, it certainly rang the resonate bells within.
  10. Yes, @Rose Lalonde I think we look to Geburah as the key here. all the 5's are cards of extremism....the mars (hot & dry) burning away water makes real sense, although not totally as mars is assigned to Scorpio (water). Although I still don't see the dynamic/aggressive energy of Mars/scorpio within the card -- the black cloak & the hidden face suggest sinister, unknown motives ... much more akin to mars/scorp. It is definitely making more sense now.
  11. You're asking questions you know the answer to but they are also metaphysical philosophical questions of your own existence & the cards are giving you abstract, almost nihilistic answers. I find if you ask questions like these they will answer in almost Zen Buddhist riddles. The question you should ask yourself now is where do you think the answers coming from? Are they from the universe? The astral Plane? Your Higher-self, ? your subconscious ? some powerful entity ? or somewhere else? Or is it all just a load of crap?
  12. No one's mentioned the classico Trinity? This card is a contorted microcosm of the The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Devil, and is a lesson in co-dependency and the power that comes in response to need. Money & charity are just used symbolically to demonstrate the balance & imbalance of relations we have with another or even ourselves. It can be about money, but more the measuring of how much we give another emotionally, and the power games which are played out subconsciously. We don't often see or analyse these roles we play in a relationship, but a mutual dependency is in EVERY relationship we have...whether we see it or not (even the abuser plays a perverse balancing role in the life of the abused...see The Devil). The 6/pents can be as much about the relationship with ourselves...albeit an outside force like God, drugs, money, love etc. as it can be about relationships with others. And it can be positive just as much as a negative influence. This card is very complex & I think it's quite similar in either upright-reverse; but I'd say reverse is a disruption that disturbs the equilibrium of a relationship, or even a disruption that restores the balance....one being mutually exclusive to the other.
  13. Yes, I believe the pioneers of this method considered that finding the equilibrium between opposing forces was the key to understanding; so your explanation would very much sense. And that's exactly the conclusion I came to, mars power is there but it's dormant, all is in the potential as you say. I find the system fascinating, and believe opens up a whole new realm into the cards....like the 5/cups we have just discussed is so much more powerful than we could imagine from the regular understanding of the card ... the whole system really deserves study! It's also made me realize where myths like 9 of Cups being the "wish card"originated, i believe it came from this ancient system as the exalted Jupiter in Pisces 20-30 deg is said to be the "perfect" placement. It just became exaggerated over the years. Anyway, thanks for your explanation, your understanding of this system is obviously well beyond the "new concept" which you claim. Although my understanding of it is still embryonic I'm learning fast, and I look forward to seeing how this thread progresses in the future.!!
  14. The moon in the 2 of swords is key, it suggests you are ignoring your intuition. 2/pents with the juggling of the balls & the infinity loop suggests you have exp this situation & the same emotions time & time again with perhaps different people. Both cards are in the tight orbit & gravity of The High Priestess & she will say you already know the answer you've exp this situation many times before
  15. Wow, That's really quick breakthrough @JustPeachy.!!!! I suspect it's because you worked on your intuition & meditated beforehand. I believe that once awoken our intuition walks before us like delicate footprints in the sand for us to follow, & our aim is to stride in perfect rhythm with the impressions until one day we catch up & we are our self absolute. Have a good journey & may the tingles be many.
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