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  1. Knocking on the Doors of Perception & there's no one home.
  2. yes, @Raggydoll this is very interesting. I've never made this connection but it makes total sense as for the Qabbalists the first movement down the Tree from God (Kether) is the 11 path & this path is given to The Fool. So God's purest emanation and representation that we can comprehend is Christ (The Fool). They also believe that the sun is God's physical representation on earth hence the similarities between the Fool & the sun-boy in The Sun card. The only other two cards to 'touch' God on The Tree is The High Priestess which represents Christ Consciousness & The Magician which receives the power of God. But the Fool is the nearest to God.
  3. No, probably not @Raggydoll it's all pomp & circumstance & ego I suspect. I like this card, it reminds me of the Olympics. I've always wondered why it's called the sexual conquest card & I think I've just worked out why. Is it because the wand & the wreath symbolise male & female genitalia?
  4. Cookie

    Love Readings

    Imagination is the key. Look at the way the figures are facing, esp court cards, if you get two court cards facing each other then you're probably on, if you get the Knight of wands galloping away from a queen or page then the lad is probably not interested. Look at the cards you draw & make a story up: if you say get the 7/swords he'll steal your heart, if you get 4 pentacles his heart & head are covered and he's very defensive; 2/pens -- a player; 3/pens boring old fart who likes gaming too much; 4 of swords he probably needs a Viagra etc etc etc.
  5. Good question spider.. I've pondered this a lot. What @Saturn Celeste said for sure, but also I believe projection to be a huge factor & influence on readings we do for others. I think that projection affects the more self-involved among us; I won't do readings for others because I'm basically reading for myself … I can't put my energy into neutral but I think it's lack of experience more than anything. Although I do believe that total indifference & objectivity is impossible as we are part of the creative process of the reading, so there will always be some of the reader's projection within the spread however experienced the reader is However, there is one caveat here: I do think that we attract people who are going thru the same emotional experiences, problems, process, development as ourselves (call it fate, synchronicity, magic whatever); so there is a huge emotional & spiritual rapport between reader & sitter....even if we don't know them. It reminds me of the leminsgate of the 2/pentacles, or the 'two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl' lyric. A good example of projection is when one lover does a reading for the other. We will often see the past, present, future laid out on the table in front of us, and often especially among younger people (and esp among teenagers … there's something about the raw energy of teenagers) the future is often quite brutal. Of course we deny this to each other, but subconsciously we know what it is about … the die has already been cast. The tarot reading tends to speed up the process and makes it a lot more intense … once the wheels are in motion they're very hard to stop. I know it's possible to turn it around but very few people do as they are so involved and esp among the young & less experienced I believe this is why most experienced tarot readers will shy away from reading for their lover as they've realised that synchronicity is a very powerful & complex phenomena. And if they do then they are secure in themselves & within the relationship.
  6. @spider yes, apologies I should have explained myself better. In my first year of practice I did many a reading that I deemed to be inaccurate, but I then realised that I was dismissing the obvious & having extreme prejudice against truth. I guess it's how we learn about the cards & about ourselves.
  7. Yes, @Raggydoll that's exactly it.
  8. The cards often get behind our flimsy façade, and cut straight to the very marrow of our bones. Look into the card that most disgusts you, that reviles your fragile morals, that is shrieks blasphemy to your very soul …. look at it long enough and we will see ourselves looking back.
  9. I'd like to go as a time-travelling troubadour to the Royal Houses of Europe just before the downfall (the Hapsburgs, Louis the 16th, the Romanovs, Charles the 1st) and over tea & a Battenberg, I'd offer them a tarot reading. I'd look at the cards and say: 'mmmm...there may be trouble ahead...'
  10. Yes, @Page of Wands I agree with you, this card has a very dark underbelly. We see very strong similarities of the beggars kneeling at the feet like in the trinity of The Hierophant & The Devil. There is certain idolatry within the trinity, but at the same time it is everyone's choice to be there, and everyone gets something out of it, however manipulative & toxic the result. Relationships between people are extremely complex & totally bonkers, whether it be lovers, business, workmates, family etc, but we adjust to them until they become the norm & comfortable however unreasonable & corrupt they objectively seem. We, as people, forget because they have become our reality, but peel away the layers of the 6 of Pentacles & it is a reminder of the co-dependency of many relationships. Reverse reminds me of the corrupt Catholic church where they've just got extremely rich & powerful on the back of poor people's sin.
  11. 5 of swords is when virtue starts to decay. 5 of swords is when a person takes on the bully/predator/manipulator & wins but becomes a bully himself ... there is a very fine line between righteousness and ritual humiliation. The dynamics of the card is a force of confusion, no one is the winner because everyone's morals have been corrupted by their own hollow victory.
  12. When I had a reading once and I pulled The Empress & the reader announced with huge smile: 'You're Pregnant young man!' I can honestly say Mr Foot that that was the 2nd happiest moment of my life.
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