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  1. Are there any good tarot magazines on the market either e-mags or old-skool on the newsagent's shelf? I've managed to find one good one ... The Cartomancer which what it lacked in content (i read it cover-to-cover in under an hour) made up for in quality. The articles were very pro, interesting, & made me really think....well worth $5. From what I can tell, there seemed to be a lot of tarot mags out there, but a lot of them have closed. But if anyone knows of any that are running now I'd like to hear from you. Many thanks.
  2. Ha! Just seen my name mentioned. Ahhh, thank you @Grandma & @DanielJUK that's very sweet of you to say that. Looking forward to tete-a-teteing with you both again. I've just had a load of uni work on, and i was a bit behind, but it's okay now. My interest in tarot & the like has never wavered ... in fact it's fluxed. Esoterically speaking I've been sentenced to life without parole!
  3. If you are highly sensitive, intuitive, artistic & the like then one is at risk of drowning in the deep waters of the unconscious , or getting lost in one's own emotions. However, as the archetypes are neutral, the moon could also protect you from this. The Archetypes of the Majors are solid and don't change... it's the prism that we observe the archetype thru that makes the experience different for every person on earth. Although it keeps its core meaning & value I find the card changes with the flux & re-flux of the actual moon. The Moon card is debatable one of the most elusive of definition, and the meaning from person-to-person spans the spectrum of different orbits like no other card. As other's have said on this post it is best to follow your intuition & feelings. I have found to my own detriment that to deny one's own inner voice a platform is not only confrontational to one's sense of self but also to a person's own grasp of free-will.
  4. Cookie

    I wonder...

    Yes, I have a friend who goes around festivals in her van in the summer giving head-messages & palm readings. And traditional Romanies are still out there with their beautiful irish accents ... and they still scry & fortune tell because i got a reading from a gypsy just last christmas
  5. So Samsung admits that they listen in and pass on the information. I've not got one of these alexa thingies, so i've not read their privacy statement, I could imagine it is something similar. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just trying to protect the little privacy that is left this day and age (yeah, I am a kid of the 80s, I grew up wild and free before everything you do got documented on facebook). Well at least you can go back to the 80's when they repeat episodes of Baywatch & Miss Marple on your Samsung tv. :D
  6. Hi Wanderer[/member] , yes technology is highly advanced (probably more than we know..but i doubt if this advanced technology is with us quite yet) but the listening to people's private conversations in their own homes is so illegal that there would be multiple lawsuits to cripple the most powerful multi-nationals & their CEO's would be in jail doing 20 year stretches. The conspiracy theorists will have us believe that we live in a dystopian society where our phones are bugged & our thoughts are read but they have far too much time on their hands. I did have a weird thought though the other day when reading an article on AI & virtual reality. Virtual reality will be so advanced in 20 years time that we won't be able to tell the difference between reality & VR. My weird thought was that if this is the case then we will be able to actually live out & get inside a tarot reading with all the archetypes & energies, & precise synchronizations perhaps going right back to childhood ... scary!!!!!
  7. Just for say the FBI to tap a phone is extremely expensive, and you're talking technology that is far in-advance of merely phone-tapping. And for the police to tap your phone they have to get court orders etc, for companies to do this would be highly illegal and not financially viable even if this technology does exist. I suspect the person that wrote the article you sent me also believes that our world leaders are shape-shifting alien reptiles. People like this flatter themselves with an inflated sense of self-importance which inevitably develops into a dark paranoia.
  8. If the technology for this does exist (it's not just tapping a phone or a search engine), it would be very expensive & highly illegal to snoop or listen to a person's private conversations. Not even the greedy, immoral conglomerates would be that reckless. If you're the voice of a generation then I believe your generation may be paranoid.
  9. Like a hamster on his wheel going round & round & round 2 pf pentacles & 2 of swords
  10. I have most planets in Pisces & Virgo,,,opposition problems 1-2-1 ... 1-2-1 ... 1-2-1 And i do have Mars in Scorpio in the 1st house...which makes me a little devilish at times >:D I don't have any planets in air signs ... but i do have Libra as my ascendant which makes me love the mirror ... haha
  11. Hi Cookie[/member] I'd already been doing active imagination/astral projection ever since I could remember. I kind of knew it was weird to do it, but I didn't have a name or concept for what I was doing until Fall 2018. I actually didn't do the Inner Guide Meditation to find my guide and I think the Koch astrology house system for seeing what your guide looks like and acts like is incorrect. I've spoken to another magician who says his guide is more akin to the sign on his 8th house cusp. My guide appeared to me as a kid in my sleeping dreams, around kindergarten and he appeared in many of my dreams for over a decade up until college. I decided he was a guide, because he guided me through those dreams and then I met him through active imagining early on as well and we did many things 'over there'. I blocked out active imagining for the most part via drugs when I was 18-24 and only recently re-engaged with this. The magician I mentioned earlier in this post gave me the Inner Guide Meditation and told me I shouldn't use active imagination as a pastime anymore, but should use it for a purpose like inner work with the archetypal energies. I'll be honest, I haven't engaged very much with the IGM, but it's been interesting so far. I'm very undisciplined with my imagination/astral projection though, which is something I'm trying to work on. Hi KitKat[/member] .. that is very interesting what you write. Steinbrecher says that about the guide being present in childhood. And also the guides leaving you for another to appear when the work is done. YOu must be naturally fairly advanced ... i've read & felt that Active Imagination is a very ancient technique, which our ancestors probably took as a given, but is lost now to most of us I think people who it comes natural to are very undisciplined solely because of that...it's so natural. And i think astrology is a difficult one because unless a person is an astrologer then it is quite a regimented & almost scientific process (if one is an astrologer or has studied it then it becomes one if the Arts). I will look in to what you are saying, as for me the 8th House is Taurus & that would probably make more sense ... although nothing makes sense sometimes. Thank you for your interesting post. I would always be interested to hear more from you on this subject if ever you feel the incline. I will perhaps write a post on this site about IGM as i've had some odd encounters, and some quite funny too like the women from my shadow-side who turns up drunk and in a wedding dress & is very abusive....and some of the things she says are very close to the bone, quite hurtful in fact. Not sure what to make of it! Anyway, another day perhaps.
  12. Hi KitKat[/member] , I've just read Inner Guide Meditation by Steinbrecher & found it a most fascinating book. It kept popping up everywhere &being recommended by writers/occultists i really like as in Gareth Knight,Regardie & also on esoteric forums so i thought it must be a message. I've only been practicing his methods a few days but have some very strange exp. I'm most intrigued by your experiences into the 'realms'. I'm going to write a post on this subject on here when i get a moment to hear other's experiences on this kind of Jung-ist influenced technique. Be very interested to hear more from you about this inner meditation!
  13. As the pentacle is of the earth, i often think they symbolise humanist and/or nature's little gems. Look around. Be it a creation of jewelry or clothes, or the red rose in your garden, the pentacles are the magic of this earth. Even money is magic. And so is the mirror. The page holds the pentacle at head height ... it is the mirror and he/she is Narcissus. The person is beautiful & don't they know it. In fact the page notices nothing but the reflection, & beauty has made this person shallow ... he/she uses looks & charm to get what they want. I have a teenage sister just like this....although in very young people i don't think it's shallow, it's just natural, they just respond to how other's treat them. At best the Page obsessively follows their dream. At worst they are: Mirror, mirror on the wall...
  14. Hi Thank you for the birthday wishes...it's very sweet of you all. And thanks to Grandma[/member] for the Ace of Cookies 3D-paint ensemble. It's brilliant... you really have a creative talent there! And it so happens to be one of my favourite cards! Thanks all
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