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  1. I remember the work groups on Aeclectic. Very interesting! I sometimes communicate with spirits during readings. I think they see that we are in an open and receiving mindset and jump in to be heard. I also have the oracle deck that was designed for spirit communication. I am having a senior moment right now and I can't remember the name. It starts with an X. (Sigh) It has cards such as Sister, Attic, and Water. The imagery is creepy. The deck works well, but it not necessary. Most decks will do.
  2. You can use correspondences for just about anything. Want to bring more fire and passion into your life? Cook with the right herbs and put the right stones next to your bed. Want a more successful career? Put the right stones on your desk or wear jewelry with those stones. Cleanse and program the stones. Pray to/evoke/honor the right Dieties for the help you want in your life. Create incenses with certain herbs (or diffuse the oils) that will generate the energy you need. Have fun with it!
  3. Has anybody heard any updates on this deck?
  4. I do this sometimes. It works well. Do you remember the transparent tarot? That deck seemed to want this. You could make a story line or stack them for a more in-depth reading. And the third edition of Diary of a Broken Soul - the one with slits that let you build 3D “stories” for your reading. I also like to take a second deck and intuitively place cards face-down where they belong over the current spread. Usually 1/4 to 1/3 the number of cards in the original spread. When I flip the second batch of cards, They always provide additional information where it is needed.
  5. I am going to try this meditation today, after my chores are done. I know I have a guardian angel, but I never connected with him/her. This sounds like a good meditation for grounding and healing and general well-being as well as an exercise for meeting your angel. I have a gypsy spirit who walks with me and helps me with my readings. She is amazing! My patron Goddess is here to help me as well. I do a lot of spirit work, so I have quite a few non-corporeal buddies to talk to. And I have worked with the angels in the past. But the guardian spirits that show up in meditation are usually a spirit I recently met and they move on later.
  6. The Templar tarot is very straightforward for me. And rather dictatorial as well. I didn’t use it for a long time because of its rather arrogant attitude but now I like it. Dreams of Gaia goes straight to the heart of a matter as well.
  7. Can anyone tell me where to get and Potter’s version of the book?
  8. I have this deck. The artwork is not great. But you use your decks for spell work. In one of his books he describes the rather intensive ritual he performed after the deck was printed. It took DAYS and he energetically connected each card to the appropriate entities and energies. He then did a ritual to tie that mother deck to every every copy of the deck. Basically, you are getting a deck that is enchanted to draw on all the right energies for both readings and ritual work. And the deck does have a certain energy about it. I would not part with mine for anything.
  9. I was 12. I asked my Mom for a crystal ball for Christmas, but she couldn’t afford it. So, she bought me a tarot deck. The Aquarian deck. That was 47 years ago. I still have that deck.
  10. Ncharge

    Archeon Tarot

    This was the first deck I read totally intuitively. I love it. The images change with each reading and give spot-on answers. I treasure this deck.
  11. The concept is that trauma fractures the soul and a very bad trauma or too many traumas can actually create a break. The pieces must be put together to have a healthy soul and emotional well being. I discovered this at a time when I was very fractured, broken and fragile. So, my first reference on this was a book by a shamanic counselor. The shaman would do a journey to find the missing piece or pieces and bring them back and reintegrate the soul. I didn’t do that. Her book is called Soul Retrieval. I have done guided meditations that did help. What TRULY worked for me, with astonishing results, was based on a book called Essential Energy Balancing. I have to tell you that I don’t agree with the author’s views on extraterrestrials and stuff like that. But the process for healing the soul worked like crazy. I saw change the very next day. Before I did it I was always anxious and worried. After, I just dealt with problems from a place of calm self-assurance. Before, I had road rage. After - nothing. Before, I was insecure in my relationships. After - I still saw the problems but I knew the problems weren’t me. It is still a work in progress and I haven’t done it in a long time. But I can’t recommend it enough.
  12. I talk to my crystals all the time. They call to me when they want attention. They let me know which stone is right for whatever I am doing. I think what you are experiencing is normal. For me, crystals have personality and desires and wisdom. I like that about them.
  13. Crystal Visions tarot. I looked up some images. Meh. It is a pretty deck, but I don't see anything that thrills me.
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