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  1. I basically told everyone when I was selling readings online - try were likely to come across me promoting myself anyway lol! It wasn't a big deal, my genetic mom used Doreen Virtue type decks as part of being a counselor, and my adopted family is quite open. My boyfriend's family was just as cool about it, too. His mom had a crazy tarot reading in her youth and all of it had come true aside from the riches that are still to come into fruition!
  2. libra

    Ten of Wands

    I have a deck that has the 10 of Wands being a woman carrying her child, and this has added an element of asking myself what burdens I carry are simply to precious to put down! As well as looking at what my hopes are for this burden - often when we overload ourselves, there's a reason, something that you want to achieve. Going back to more RWS imagery, someone carrying 10 big sticks is most likely looking to build something, right? So even though I used to look at this more as a card song me to assess what burdens I could put down, I now kind of see it more as a reminder to look at why I do the things I do, why I chose the burdens I carry and look to the future that I hope to achieve through seeing it through to the end.
  3. Oh you'll love Tarot for the Wild Soul! Her embodiment episodes (like this one...) admittedly aren't my favourites personally, but overall it's really great content!
  4. If you're a podcast listener, Lindsay Mack has an episode about how someone embodies this card that you can listen to! https://wildsoulpodcast.com/blog/queen-of-wands-jack-ferver
  5. Mine didn't That's really disappointing.
  6. Ugh if I had to memorize flash card meanings, I would have NEVER stuck with tarot! Like,that's a perfectly valid way to learn, but it's really really not my style lol! Have you ever looked at a painting or other piece of art and just recognized something of yourself in it? That feeling of familiarity, of understanding what the artist was trying to say with the piece? I prefer decks that are like that for me! I pull a card, and the image gives me a visceral reaction. It reminds me of something or makes me feel something. Putting that feeling into words is an act of self-knowing, and exploring deep into that is how i use the cards! This means that sometimes when I see a card, what it means for me at that time might deviate from What The Card Means, traditionally speaking. But what I've found, over years and years of doing this, is that all of those personal learnings grow and expand on each other until after some time, I have this general idea of what the card means in a broad sense - and that usually aligns with what the card is meant to depict after all! I do think that this is an easy way to learn, because it's really just looking at what you see, and analyzing it. Like, there's a card that shows a group of people all beating each other with sticks - there's conflict, chaos. It's got the vibe of a bunch of middle schoolers running amuck when the teacher leaves the room. So that's an air of mischief and disobedience, too. All of that can be applied to any situation you might be asking about and give you a meaning! Maybe even a more clear and nuanced meaning than a bunch of memorized keywords, depending on what stands out to you in the card!
  7. For me, it kinda changes depending on what the reading was about! I get warmth in my chest, a tingle running up my spine, a tickling on my forehead or a feeling of floating, for example. Sometimes a card will feel like an electric shock when it's the one I need to draw, or it'll just throw itself at me. Sometimes the card image pulls itself or of the boundaries of the cards and play themselves out in front of me.
  8. Coffee is a "double double" - our Canadianism for 2 cream, 2 sugar. Tea, depends on the type! Black tea with sugar, herbal tea with honey or without, green tea is just enjoyed as is
  9. I drink coffee at work, and tea just for enjoyment. It's so ingrained in me that coffee is my work drink that I had one this weekend and went "crap I'm wearing the wrong shoes, my feet are too comfy!" before realizing I want heading to work and could wear whatever shoes I wanted!
  10. I think you might be posting in the wrong section - if you're looking for help with the specific reading, then it goes into "Tarot Readings"! But when it comes to reading cards in combination, especially a Major Arcana and a minor, I tend to see it as the Major representing the bigger picture, the life lesson so to speak, with the minor under that influence, showing the physical manifestation in the day to day. As well, The Empress is Major III, so it's the natural ruler of all of the 3s in a sense! I'm going to hold off on actually interpretation of the cards to see if the thread is in the right place, but theres some for for thought on reading them yourself!
  11. I've got a tarot spread on my kitchen table right now, which is the first room you enter in my odd little suite. My bedroom has a pentagram drapery over the bed, and the next room over is an entire altar space. Plus it smells like herbs and incense, and there are herb bundles drying on the ceiling and crystals and candles everywhere. Yeah, you know you've entered the home of a witch as soon as you step through the door.
  12. Thank you! That alpacaca fabric, a.k.a. the former cushion cover, was something I once found in a clearance bin at 50% off. When I saw it I immediately knew I wanted to cut it up and turn it into smaller projects ;D Awesome! You're sewing is great too! Such a talented Gemini! (( I'm on mobile with the tiny font and I read "talented gremlin" and was like... That's an interesting choice of words lol!
  13. libra


    It's only a problem if you feel like it's a problem. It's all in what's right for you and your tools. For me, my decks house spirits. It's have to ask the individual deck what is feelings are on being loaned to someone. For someone else, they may not share this animist view and be totally ok with just handing the deck off. You seem like you might be worried about energetic transfers, so following your gut and cleansing would probably do just fine for you - unless you're just intellectually assuming that's the "right" answer, when it doesn't truly feel ok to you. They are your cards, your tools, do what feels good for you.
  14. I think as you get more and more familiar with the cards, you'll get that car understanding of the more traditional meanings, at least that's what happened for me! When you say the name of a card, it's like I get a few versions of it from various decks floating around me all telling me a bit about what they have to say, and I can take the average of that to get a making, but that honestly just came from a loooooot of working with decks and getting to know them!
  15. What a great thing for you to be offering! Very generous of you :)
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