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  1. I don't really take a deck with me when I leave the house, because I never leave the house for long. However, when I travel, I take Liz Dean's 'Golden Tarot'. It's my oldest deck, and it's pretty well worn. I'm very familiar with it, and it's very comforting when I'm stressed out from travel (which is inevitable in my case). And it's a deck that, while I would be sad if it got lost or stolen, is very replaceable.
  2. These are all genius, I'm going to have to try them. I used it recently to determine if something important I said when I was, like, ten, was a lie or not. (I can't remember). I didn't assign positions to the cards, but it was really insightful. I'm interested tosee what happens with a spread, or assigned card positions.
  3. I look at the card, and if I feel like it's the right one, I put it down. 90% of the time I end up using the card that fell out, but sometimes it's just not the card I need.
  4. So I know some people use tarot to look into the future, but I was wondering if any of you used it to clarify the past, and clear up the details of things you can't quite remember anymore.
  5. The Venetian Tarot has gorgeous card backs. Looks like tapestry.
  6. Rowena

    Hello Hello

    Welcome Cappy[/member]! It's great to have you!
  7. self inflicted suffering
  8. I struggle with reading words when I'm tired, much less tarot. X-D
  9. Hi Shanachie05[/member]! Welcome to the group! If you're looking for somewhere to learn more about tarot, get great insight, and make friends, you've certainly found the right place! X/ ((
  10. I'm terrible at shuffling, but I'm getting better. I usually overhand shuffle, but I learned how to riffle shuffle the other day, so I've been mixing that in. Mostly, it depends on what I feel like is needed. Sometimes I overhand shuffle, sometimes riffle, sometimes I cut the deck, sometimes a combination of all of those. I just depends on what feels right.
  11. Hi Green! If you're looking to learn about tarot, you've found a great place to do so. Welcome, welcome! X/ ((
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