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  1. I was really looking forward to getting it!!
  2. They must have sold out and waiting for more to arrive. I am not surprised it sold out so quickly, but hope it is back sooner than 1-2 months!!!
  3. My favorite is The Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot that came out this year from Lo Scarabeo. Love the colors and the card stock. Feels great in the hand and it is borderless!!
  4. I I think that instead of feeding or starving for that pesky ol bug it SHOULD be buy a deck!!!! Works for me!!!
  5. The Borderless Universal Fantasy is here!! I have loved this deck for years as it is a beautiful deck, but the figures on some of the cards still remain very small. It is a talker though and I am looking forward to working with it once again. I will just keep the magnifier close at hand.
  6. Radiant Wise Spirit arrived and I LOVE it!!! In my opinion it is the perfect RWS deck!!!! Ordered a back up cause I know this will be used a LOT!!!!
  7. I have 25 of them. I don't use moat of them though.
  9. Great to see you here Decan!!! X/
  10. It is interesting AND very reasonable on Amazon.
  11. Have had this deck for a little while. Loved the cards, but they seemed to stick together for me so I ended up not working with it. I got it out again a few days ago because of how much Grizabella loves this deck. It still is not easy for me to shuffle, but I am ignoring that as the cards this time around seem to come alive. Pure magic!!! I intend to listen to the stories these cards are telling me this time!!!
  12. I love this deck and like your way of working with it!!
  13. I agree it would be The Old Path. I have gotten it out many times only to put it away again.
  14. I have the CatTarot and the bag. No creeping out because it seems like a fantasy world and the artist is very talented. Wish it had a book to go with it!
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