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  1. Good morning tarot fam! I was wondering: have any of you been to the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City to see the Visconti-Sforza cards held there? If so, are they viewable to the general public, or do special arrangements need to be made to see them? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you @joy and @Decan! Yeah, I'm sure as they get comfortable they'll start seeing what they can get away with. Right now they're both just excited that they are allowed to snuggle with us on the couch.
  3. I've very excited to share that my wife and I have adopted a bonded pair of dogs, Boots (left) and Rusty (right). They spent their first night with us last night and did very well. Rusty even sniffed my tarot cards, but was very polite about it (I think he wanted my spread cloth. Apparently he had a bandana similar to it at the shelter). I'm sure there will be challenges as they get settled, but we're very excited to give them a"furrever" home, and I'm sure they'll be popping by the boards on occasion to say hello!
  4. Happy to help! Sometimes those single-card draws can be tricky. The may offer more of a "what might be" rather than a "what will be." And if you're taking steps to adjust accordingly based on what the single card shows, that will affect the outcome too. At any rate, keep playing and tinkering, and good luck!
  5. Probably my Minchiate and Lenormand decks. I haven't decided if I should try to read with the Minchiate or use it as a game or study deck. And tarot itself is so deep that I'm dragging my feet on trying to learn another system of cartomancy with the Lenormand. I also fully endorse time spent with Tarots de Marseille! They are definitely my go-to decks.
  6. Are you asking any type of question when you pull your card? Perhaps something like "what should I be aware of this week?" And then at the end of the week, you can determine if that came to pass, or if you managed to avoid any difficulties you might have been warned about. If you're only doing once-a-week readings, you might also consider expanding the spread a bit to three cards and then pondering on beginning-middle-end or whatever permutation tickles your fancy. If you want to go day-by-day, you could also shuffle at the beginning of the week, and incorporate whatever ritual you might use, and set the intention that you'll pull a card off the top each morning. You don't have to interpret them day by day, but you can keep the day's card in mind. By the end of the week you'll have a seven-card spread to go over. It really depends what you're looking for from daily / weekly draws. Majors don't always have to portend significant events. They can also speak to how things are going on a variety of emotional and spiritual levels. If you're just pulling a card cold without any context, then I agree that it is going to be hard to know what to relate it to. So maybe start with intention, and then expand as you are able.
  7. My Grimaud TdM is probably my most used deck, simply because of how long I've had it. It's not perfect, but it's still charming and sparked my love for Marseilles-style decks. @Joe if you get a chance to snag a Noblet, grab it! I love reading with it.
  8. If you enter my living room? No. In the office you'd be able to guess by perusing my shelves closely. I usually have a deck on my dining room table because space is wonderful. And the room where I keep all my decks and other stuff is pretty obviously tarot-oriented. I try not to sweat it too much. I'll put the decks and altar items away if we have overnight guests, but no way am I re-shelving all those freakin' books!
  9. Welcome to the forum! I believe a new edition of Sallie Nichols' "Jung and Tarot" is - or is about to be - published. I hope you enjoy yourself here!
  10. Welcome to the forums, Mariposa! I'm also quite fond of the Hermit While I've fallen in love with TdM-style decks, the RWCS was my first, so I'll always have a soft spot for it. I hope you enjoy yourself here!
  11. Welcome! Storytelling and art are lovely uses for the cards. I hope you enjoy yourself here!
  12. Thank you, @ThreeCircleTarot! Tea bags sound perfect. Bonus: using them for tea!
  13. Reading for myself in public never seems to work well. I've tried - at a museum, the library, etc. - but it always feels too staged. Reading for others has actually been a lot of fun, but I've also been able to gauge the temperature of the room, so to speak. Most of those experiences have been a writers conferences, so I'm with my kind of people to begin with. It's funny how suddenly something clicks and all the background noise just fades out. Maybe it comes from years of experience writing wherever I can. But yeah, I'm highly introverted, so those few seconds before I start shuffling are terrifying. After that, it just kind of flows.
  14. I am also here! Thank you for taking on this epic task :)
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