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  1. I saw that review too, and I can't say I disagree with any of it, especially based on the unboxings and YouTube walkthroughs I found. I'm still pretty on the fence about it, TBH, especially if the book that comes with it isn't particularly useful. I'm also not a fan of the faux-aging that has apparently been applied to the cards. However, it is about $10 cheaper that the Reynaud version, not factoring in shipping from France to the US. I might still consider trying it if I land a spot at next year's local Ren Faire. I love reading with my Madenie, and this might be a way to do public readings with that deck.
  2. @Mi-Shell and @Chronata, those are lovely tents! I love the shawls and table decorations. Thank you so much for sharing. Those both look like lovely spaces to get a reading I have 3 faires in close proximity (less than 2-hours drive): the PA Renaissance Faire, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire. I'm hoping to go to the last one, because it's in the spring, is MUCH closer than the other two, and is also smaller (running only 2 weekends). it's also a bit newer, and this year I did not see any readers there. So fingers crossed! The table fee I believe is $350 total for the two weekends, which currently fits my budget, though I'm not sure if that is considered high or not. I'm not sure about needing a vendor license though; the city of Philly requires one, but the faire is held in a fort that dates back to the American Revolution (so we really get to blend our time periods...). But that's a question for our accountant.
  3. Ooh, good point about cards vs. wind! I'm thinking some choice stones and crystals may come in handy.
  4. @Eric, the canopies I'm looking at I believe are weighted down by weight bags, so they should work on paved surfaces or areas where stakes are prohibited. Most sites suggest 40 lbs per leg, and I believe that is the requirement and the faire we're looking at. I forget what the wind-rating is for that. I assume the quality of canopy material also comes into play when determining that. Have you done a faire or festival before? I've done informal readings at writers' conferences, so this will be a new adventure for me.
  5. This month I'm primarily working with the Tarot de Jacques Vieville. Occasionally I'm throwing in a few spreads with the Noblet. The Vieville and I are still sizing each other up, I think, so it's good to have a trusty old stand-by on deck
  6. My understanding is that "mentally carrying a card" is a visualization technique. You would randomly or deliberately select a card (probably the latter if you're looking for specific energy to work with), study it for as long as it takes for you to be able to recall it whenever you want, and then mentally focus on the image of that card when you feel it would be helpful. So if you're about to take a test, you might focus on The High Priestess, and hope that she will reveal all the answers to you (good luck... LOL). Or (to use ashwsh's example) maybe you have to make a presentation at work. You might picture that Ace of wands, or maybe focus on the Emperor or one of the Kings and draw strength from their ability to communicate their wills. That sort of thing. It's also a good technique for those of us who are concerned about losing or damaging a single card. To answer @ashwsh: I don't carry a single loose card with me. Like others, I usually try to have a deck I'm in tune with. I like the mental image technique as well (among other reasons, it helps with card recall) for those times / places where a full deck can't easily be carried. I suspect that another option would be to make use of technology and have a few choice images on your phone, tablet, or computer that you could pull up discretely as needed.
  7. Thank you @HOLMES for the info and pictures! That's pretty much the kind of tent I'm looking at. Thank you as well, @JustPeachy Weights are definitely a must for most of the events around here. I'll have to look into banner companies as well. I'm not sure if the fair I'm looking at allows placard signs or not; I don't remember seeing any when I attended as a guest this spring. The Ren Fair I'm looking at isn't until next May, @Saturn Celeste, but I'll be sure to post pics! If I get enough equipment together in time, I may test run it in my yard this fall. Who knows, maybe we'll add it to our Halloween repertoire. We tend to maybe go a little overboard for that at the Hermit Household... I wonder what kind of crowd a tarot-reading T-Rex might draw??? An inflatable dino costume was last-year's offering, and even won a prize at the office
  8. Howdy Tarot Fam! I was wondering if any of you ever read at events like Renaissance Festivals or other similar fairs. Do you have any recommendations for type of canopy / vendor tent to use? Any decorating tips? My wife and I are thinking of doing a booth at a small-ish local Ren Fest (small in that it only runs two weekends), and vendors are expected to bring their own set-up. So I figured I'd look to you all for some advice. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello tarot fam! This may be old news, but I haven't seen it posted here. Books-A-Million has Mary Packard's TdM kit for $24.95. This looks to be the same one that came out a few years ago, and is currently listed on Amazon for over $80, but it's been repackaged in a box similar to her Golden Tarot (Visconti-Sforza). It says it's still a reproduction of the Madenie TdM, and has the book and bag in it. I'm not sure if this was a well-received variant, but I figured I'd pass the info along. The BAM near me had four on the shelf on Friday. I may grab one and check it out; if so, I'll probably leave a review here or on my blog. For those of you who don't have a BAM nearby, the kit is listed as available on their site here.
  10. It's definitely its own beast, that's for sure! I've been reading with Marseille-style decks for a while, so I think seeing the nuances between the different renderings (Noblet vs. Madenie vs. Conver, for instance) helped prep me for the Tarot de Paris. Some of the Majors are dramatically different, even if the share basically the same names, and of course the pips are styled much differently. Still, it's been a real treat working with it! Since there isn't a lot of interpretive work out there on this deck, it's been kind of freeing to come to my own understanding of these cards.
  11. Update: I emailed the Morgan Library and unfortunately the cards are not currently on public display. They can only be viewed for research purposes via an appointment. Oh well!
  12. Happy birthday to TT&M! And I add my thanks to @Little Fang and the mods for making this such an open, welcoming place.
  13. Thank you @mrpants! I have seen Patric Coq's site; in fact, it help seal the decision to grab a copy of this deck while I could! I'll be spelunking on the Tarot History Forum to see what is available there. My wife is still pretty conversant in French, so when she's not on deadline, I might ask her to try and track down some French resources, if we can find them. I will update if I come up with any gems!
  14. Thank you for the info @mrpants! I won't be there on a weekday anytime soon, but if they are on public display I'll update this post.
  15. Hello tarot fam! So at the end of last month, I ordered a bundle pack from Editions SIVILIXI containing the Vieville Tarot and book as well as the Tarot de Paris (at the time, CollecTarot was out of stock of the latter). Shipping from France to the US wasn't cheap. but the total cost came close to what buying the two decks and Vieville book would have been had I purchased from CollecTarot, and I had my package exactly seven days after I placed the order, which I thought was pretty righteous. Anyway! I've been working with the Tarot de Paris this month, and I'm finding it to be so fascinating. Most of the pips and several of the majors are quite a bit different from Marseilles decks, but they still tell some fascinating stories. This deck might have my favorite representation of The Lover as well. I'm curious as to whether anyone else here has worked with the Tarot de Paris, and also if you've found any resources online or in hard copy that talk about some of the imagery used. I'll post some images later today if anyone would like to see some examples, or if I can figure out how to add an entry to the Deck Library, I'll try to do that this weekend. Thanks in advance! And if you get the chance / spare funds, I definitely recommend this reproduction deck for both study and readings.
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