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  1. I mean your gut tell you "stop shuffling" cards and start pulling them I just feel when I want to pull them, but those cards are wrong and must continue with shuffling
  2. I thank you too! Just realized that difference between 8 of wands/pents. Like do everything without planning with 8 of wands and very often regardless of the consequences, but at 8 of pents you are working hard at something what have for you great value.
  3. So do you think he waited so long at 7 of cups card and he decided to move on. Maybe his cups are blank and he came out for get new experiences and informations for fill up these cups. Welcome here! ...And find new one cups? If I think of it, its like 8 of swords from opposite side. 8 of swords is about to be tied up and not able to move on, but 8 of cups is about a person who decided to move on. Like leave unhappy relationship what gives you nothing and you want to find better place than this one. Also It may be about finding help in this situation what give you 9th cup. I came with this, because this card is different in read by question you ask. If something depressive lasts so long, it's better to go on. Even it hurts. You will always remember that place for some reasons.
  4. It takes some time when you open your intuition in full range, sis. I had many times of meditation and I was close to god and for 1st time I bought tarot; and by my intuition I got then right "a-h-a" moment and stop shuffle the cards and pull out them for read. I was weak in early time, but later my answers are 100% correct. I feel also when I pull wrong cards too soon before right ones.
  5. Id say swords are more raw in communication, co maybe calling/personal talk is right for it.
  6. There is not content at the cards, you can see just p/s/c/w, but not stuff is in classic tarot. Yes, for main stuff is it okay if you want to get more correct answer, but if you are checking for extended informations, classic tarot is right for it by images.
  7. Yeah in main point. But it's also about context in question you said to tarot.
  8. Hey, sometimes I feel like "the cards" doesnt want to answer me. I guess it can be because some of things you shouldn't know, or that question is stupid, or you can know that answer already, or tarot "doesnt know" the answer, those are reasons why I can't get the answer sometimes imo.
  9. I'd add personal meet to swords because if you are talking to that person and next to you, your thoughts actually work sharply in real time and in this way you can resolve many things without waiting to the answer and this way many things are done. In wands are all thoughts intermittent and you must wait for the answer. I think sms/call is not much serious compared with personal meets - where is everything raw in swords; but in sms/call you can take some time for prepare this wood for your benefit
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