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  1. Same. Closed windows/doors any noise I cant hear during shuffle/draw.
  2. I mean if you are doing this, you can be more vulnerable, because you are spending around you your energy and intuition.
  3. My reads are ok, and feel during it good. But sometimes happened I have bad dreams and then this. Maybe I'm sleepy too much and normally is my energy protection thick.
  4. Anyone tried to ask the tarot WHO is actually taking to you / giving you the answer?
  5. Hello, anyone here wondered what can everything happen if you use the tarot very often? I guess if you read every day, you can bring close to you bad entity and you can feel it. I have at night sometimes weird and bad dreams and always wake up around 02:20 and have feeling like someone is there around and looking at me. I always use salt and put it front to the doors and window, always have closed the doors when I sleep. What are you doing for protect yourself if you are using the tarot? Never you can't know "who" gave you the answer rn. At most you can be "connected" with positive power, but it can be like some "hacker" detect your connection and somehow use it against you if you are connected for longer time. Any opinions?
  6. Me not, because 78 cards are more than enough for read and there are many positive and negative cards. Also I cant imagine how would I shuffle the cards for make them reversed lol.
  7. It depends how much good performance have your phone.
  8. For phone its the best choice for me and you can also sync history/passwords/about:tabs/bookmarms/offline stuff with PC by opera account .
  9. I mean on phone loading emotes freeze app, but I guess PC works ok. Ofc Im using actual version of both platforms.
  10. I have actually problems with open some formats in WMPlayer - it just pop-up for second and fade away again. It just opens VOB file and then if I drag and drop stuff. But mainly I cant open anything from explorer with enter. Idk what they did with player in W7. Im using only opera. Used for this since 9.62 version lol
  11. Not alone tbh. Downgraded W10 back to W7 64bit Ultimate lol...I wasted over 2hrs or 3 for change BIOS options for boot notebook with "new" system. Because I must first change settings for allow install W7 and after "update" i was not able to boot PC, so more 2hrs till it worked then :D
  12. + = I would like to wait, but I can't do anything if i click to emotes icon, rather if i could be able to switch to other tab and browse till of these emotes will load, but I can't lol All these tools are in the desktop mode @DownUnderNZer
  13. My browser/s always freeze if i click to emotes. Before it worked but now it pop-up message if want to wait or close this tab.
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