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  1. Book T and Liber T are both available for a free download being public domain. Each are excellent sources primarily for the Minors and Court cards. The Liber T also has the Majors. Good to keep on a phone or lap top. Both are from the Golden Dawn.
  2. You never know. I'm no witch, but I've had to take a crash course in deflecting bad spells and negative energy. I just read an article that said it's now scientifically proven Frankense helps those who are mentally unbalanced.
  3. Locally made dragons blood is far more better. Especially when you know the person who makes it. Bats blood is pretty good too.
  4. Well said @archimedea Somehow, I have a feeling that for centuries witches didnt go down to their local metaphysics shop and buy ready made objects.
  5. There's two decks I would like to have back that I gave away. The Centennial Pixie deck, in the tin can. A Thoth deck, not the Crowley one, the French one. Oh, and there was a well known reader in the Bay Area when I was there many years ago I had a chance to meet but gaffed it off. Big mistake.
  6. As far as gaining knowledge of all this, well, I have no idea! I know I read that Crowley made about 200 decks in 1943 that are the true originals. Considering it was war time I'm surprised they were even made. But then they were first reissued in 1969. The Pam B deck info I'm sure you already found googling. That's easy. Theres a bunch of blogs that people have linked on here about the old TdM decks, but if you go to the French ebay site theres a lot of them there ,or, just go to France!
  7. I myself dont collect any. If I could afford an Original Pam B deck, I would use it as my regular reading deck. I cant afford one of those vintage TdM decks, but I would use it if I had one. But I have 15 decks now. I read with a University Books deck made in '59, I practice with a Hermetic deck. I still have the first deck I ever bought , a TdM deck from Grimaud in 1980 but I haven't used it for several months, I have another from '77 but dont use it either and I have one Tarot of The Bohemians from BaBa Studios but it's just to dark for me. The rest are RWS, and some are vintage and I occasionally read with them. They have a great vibe. I dont have things just to have in my life. I actually dont even want to buy more decks for any reason unless someone offers a deal that good and true! Theres no new decks that interest me.
  8. @Raggydoll And that's what I'm saying.
  9. I agree with what's already been said so I wont repeat it. But in my opinion, the few true collectibles are the original issue of RWS decks, Crowleys first Thoth from 1943, never even seen one, and then probably all the really antique decks of TdM cards I see on ebay pre-war. Theres some from the 1800', but at $2100, would you really want to use that? I did see an Original Pam B deck on ebay last week or so and someone did buy it. I guess that's great to have if that's all you want. But theres a lot of the newer boutique decks being made now that sell out quickly and may be collectible in 50 years. The thing is, nowadays people buy stuff like that and store it away just for that purpose, and then something out of no where turns out to be collectible.
  10. There is something relaxing about reading it, your artistic relationship together. I have a gluten allergy myself and the funny thing is I just found out about it a few years ago after a lifetime of allergy problems, long story. But this is about you and your daughter.
  11. @Grizabella I wish you and your daughter the best! Just reading this made me feel good. And life is better without gluten.
  12. Yeah. Anyway. @zedekiel, I hope that answers some of you queation.
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