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  1. Nice to meet someone else who has the Hermetic deck. I use it to practice but I dont read from it.
  2. ...in the 6 of Wands, like the dichotomy of any leader, being one, the second he shows weakness his followers along side him, will oust him.
  3. I did just watch this whole video. I liked it. I agree with what she said about giving advice. I strongly disagree with what she abut the readers and their ethics and so on. She does make it clear, free advice I guess, about how to protect yourself. I would like to know why the video is edited so much too. This is going to be a good one @Raggydoll To me, there's also the issue of the health care system in America now. It's become quite bad and I think thats one of her reasons for a change of mind. I think this issue may differ by the country as well. But I will comment on this later because I have things to do.
  4. Today I was grateful for no thunderstorms, a rarity, so I could have a nice peaceful day at the beach.
  5. A lot of good advice her. But I feel the best was the questions about where you are @chongjasmine in your experience with reading?
  6. Absolutely fascinating how a thread on the suit of swords unfolded. Than you to everyone who has posted. Again, to reiterate, this is about the suit of swords. Not necessarily from a particular deck. The suit obviously stimulates the mind.
  7. Theres some Waite speak up in the preface also. Who else feels instigated.
  8. c@alyce There is a sharp edge to the reality Swords bring. @Raggydoll I know what you meant. Just making conversation. The reality of the overconfident man loosing caused him to breakdown. I fixed the name. For some reason when you mentioned books, I thought of hers. I know your experiences are emblematic of a fine reader with experience.
  9. Yes but in the beginning of Waites book he does distinctly say that his divinations are not to be the sole expression of the cards. He makes it clear to think creatively and metaphorically. There's many ways to interpret all the cards. There is an essence, and I get that. But it also depends on the sitter and the spread. Also, it specifically doesn't say, whose degradation, whose infamy and so on.
  10. Eric


    @DanielJUK Ha! Good one! At one time I would have just said you can call me collect, but I think those days are over.
  11. @Grandma Thats alright. If someone was to quote a line from a movie to me from the last 10 years, except for Star Wars, I wouldn't have a clue.
  12. @Saturn Celeste Perfect. And I feel people are drawn to fire. It's hypnotic.People watch houses burn, they stare at a came fire. Or even stare a bbq grill. But the mind is infinite. With facts and thinking, wondering, learning and even tricks we play on ourselves. That's where the Swords come in.
  13. @Grandma I was just trying to keep it lite quoting the Tom Hanks movie about "no crying in baseball", from A League of Their Own. Always have a sense of humor.
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