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  1. Joe

    Yes, I Admit It....

    Adults are allowed to eat dessert any time of day. And: You're not old until you're 10 years older than your great grandmother.
  2. Something about this Angel just makes me feel good. And I'm Sagittarius.
  3. Joe

    Yes, I Admit It....

    Ha! I wish it was a quirk and not a half awake mistake!
  4. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's out there!
  5. I've been known to wash my face in the shower with shampoo.
  6. Joe

    Your 'Go To' Deck?

    @Night Shade Can't go wrong with Mermaids. Unless you're a guy whose been out to sea for too long.
  7. Joe

    Your 'Go To' Deck?

    @HermitWriterThere is something about those Grimauds that are just right!
  8. Joe

    Your 'Go To' Deck?

    I need to acquire one of those Noblet TdM decks myself. I saw one was for sale here and hesitated and boom- it was sold! Thats what happens when you hesitate, but I am busy right now. I had the Book Of Thoth, sold it myself, and well, you know the rest. Also have a Bohemian Gothic deck which I'll keep, great energy too, but I go back to my TdM's again and again because I just feel there's more to picture's Like the on the Judgement card, for example, than meets the eye. But it is a matter of personal taste. It is also interesting to see that readers who do have a lot of decks also do seem to have a couple they go back to.
  9. Joe

    Your 'Go To' Deck?

    I like both of them. A lot of color going on and different ways of using the picture meanings. I also like the fact that there's no borders. The Thelma Fool looks a bit like Stevie Nicks!
  10. I'm reading with great interest the posts about what people may see about tarot as they walk into your home, and it seems some people have a A LOT of decks! I get that! But, for those of you who have hundreds of decks, I have a feeling some of you must have that one go-to deck that you always go back to. Me personally, it's always my trusty vintage Grimaud TdM deck from'77. But color wise, it doesn't match up to some of the newer TdM's, they saved money by just dumbing down the multi colors. But it always feels good to use it. It's all good energy.
  11. Joe

    Note to self...

    Note to self: When you see a spider on the wall, don't say you'll get him later. He won't be there. (Or she).
  12. This is actually a great question. But myself, I put it back in the deck and addictively shuffle more and be careful not to drop any more.
  13. I just noticed this on the side bar and I'm curious about it/them. Looks like something to join and maybe start.
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