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  1. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    This has evolved into a fascinating discussion to me. I'm getting a lot, thanks to all. @KevinM Thanks for the input also. Waites input is always useful for the essence of his/Pamelas deck and drawings. At the same time though, with the 4oS's, its the stained glass window in the upper left. A man standing in front of another man, as if he is giving blessings. To me, thats a key of the card. Now with all this book talk, I myself avoid the LWBB's. I have Crowley's Thoth book, pub. in'77 for US Games, I like what he says, but don't have a Thoth deck, never had his. I have Paul Foster Cases book, I like that a lot, but his writings on the minors is almost non-existent and somewhat weak, he focuses on numerology and I do know why. I also have the book by Waite, his pictorial key, and thats okay. I also have a very old book published from the Golden Dawn about the tarot, not handy at the moment, it's well known though. That one I actually like a lot. Full of spreads all. But, all this book reliance, I'm like a guitar player, I would rather be out there playing infant of people getting bette. I like reading for people, I get the essence of the cards, most very right on. Occasionally I get to a card, like the two I started talking about, and Im just stumped. From what Ive experienced here, I feel readers may bee better without all these books in their lives. That's just me. However, this has been an excellent discussion. Now I have to post my Moon spread. Again, no pun intended.
  2. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    @Raggydoll You should write a book. You're good. And I have now learned, from this fine learning forum that it doesn't really matter if the sitter doesn't have a question, but that that there is much to say about an individual card. Thanks to all! Now, I have to get started on my Moon spread. No pun intended.
  3. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    Okay I see that. Thank you.
  4. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    This is interesting. Although, starting with the Fool for example, is there a reason you paired him with he Ace of Swords as opposed to the King of pentacles?
  5. @Raggydoll That's so good and true about making sure the sitter understands that the readings and experience are theirs.
  6. I think its great that everyone does have their own way of doing the cut. Thats what keeps this all flowing for each other and sitters. The community.
  7. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    I like this. I don't agree, in a friendly way, about all you have said concerning some of the Major's with their formulas, integrations with other Majors, but I will this over again and take more thought on it because I do like what I'm reading. For example, I see the Chariot as being the son of the Empress and Emperor. He wasn't a planned child, so he has no past and travels around the world with his warrior spirit and magic and ego trying to spread his infinite seed. The Tower, in the RWS decks which I'm currently all about shows up in a lot of Minor cards that tends to go unnoticed. Which you do see yourself. But I do like your astrological poverties on all of this. I'll be re-reading this.
  8. I shuffle, I say the question, I talk to the sitter, and I shuffle more, or maybe less. I don't do it for theater myself, haven't ever because it's all the feeling I get from the sitter first, then the cards. There is an energy I feel, from the cards and the sitter. I have the sitter cut the deck in three. I choose the first card from the top of the last part of the deck. Then I choose whatever stacks I feel like starting from. What's funny though that no one seems to be talking about is the sitters experience. And by that I mean a lot of sitters maybe a majority have had readings before. They seem to expect a certain a certain formula to be followed with all this and I have experienced some who get upset at something new/different. The readings I do will usually alleviate that strangeness for them. But I just feel "the cut" is important. I for one just don't see it as theater. It is about getting the sitter engaged.
  9. Cards are definitely tools. But I have picked up decks in my hands and felt a vibration. I have picked up other decks and felt a dark vibration, and I have kept those but don't really use them. I have picked up decks and felt nothing. I have also picked up decks and felt negative vibrations. The positive feeling decks I use quite frequently and the more I use them in rotation the more incredible, the cards in the spreads become. The feeling I get, not really the artwork on the deck depends on whether or not I buy them, keep them and/or use them. Intact, I lean towards vintage decks that have been around for a few decades. But that's just me.
  10. Joe

    Those Darn Swords

    @Ruby Jewel Thats a fascinating way of integrating different cards to come up with an interpretation with one and I like it. I like to see the King of Cups as a rather weak King who isn't straight forward about his own self, and I do se the 4 of Swords at times as keeping to himself also. In that particular reading, which was only four cards, neither the KoC or Tower were present. But it's definitely a condition to keep in mind.
  11. I would imagine though, that "the cut" itself, goes as far back as tarot does. As if its in someones genealogy.
  12. Seem's like Prague is a good place to but tarot cards, especially street fairs. I would love to get one of these old decks I see for sale from time to time.
  13. Friday night and Saturday, I had a sitter each night for a 15 minute reading, very grateful, but each of them didn't really have a question and I tried to help them along with relationships questions, each absolutely refused to go there. So I said lets just do a question about th future. Great. So the 4 of swords came up in one present position Friday, and I couldn't really think of much to say excellent well, maybe you need to meditate more. I don't remember what the three previous past cards were, and I hadn't yet been able to see the other present card was, but that's one of the two cards I just seem to go blank on at times. Saturday, the 7 of swords came up in a present position, the three past cards, one was the WoF. The other present was the Ace of Pentacles, and with the spread I was telling her about a possible business opportunity coming, which the future cards would prove. (That was based on the significator. I forget what it was. Hey it was only yesterday. Anyway, I have to admit, I warned her about someone maybe trying to take advantage of her, but still, I was sort of blank on that. But its those two cards and for some reason, only those two cards that turn me numb. I think with the 4 of swords on the Rider deck its that stained glass window. For some reason, I think there is something about that. So, thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
  14. Thank you! Feels good to be out there and the space I have really fits what I'm doing also.
  15. Joe

    In Person Reading

    In person reading. Rebecca's Organics 301 Orange Ave Fort Pierce, Fl 34950 10am to 1pm-ish Length of reading and cost depend on you! But average $15 for 15 minutes. Feel free to contact me through this fine forum or visit my web site, https://esoterictarotcard.com to make an appointment or ask any questions.
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