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  1. I’m about to start the first sub section on the first card . Discussion on the particular card can take place in its relevant area and hopefully we will have a lot of personal feelings and interpretations of how the card translates individually and how this might fit in with its traditional meaning or how it differs from one person to the next. This section we can discuss general matters and others can decide what card we can look at next. Im going to start with a card that is a bit of an enigma to me The Lovers I have some unfinished business that me and @Wanderer started so seems fitting to start off here
  2. Amazing @Saturn Celeste I’m just putting together my first card / topic so hopefully have that posted by tommorrow
  3. well I found my deck , quite a bold statement for someone relatively new to tarot I guess , ive been around and owned a few different tarot’s over the years but I just feel connected. I hope to go through the cards with interpretations/ feelings / and thoughts starting with the major arcana feel free to input it will be most welcome. The fool believes he is someone he is not wading through waters for something unsought . The magician plays tricks in the dark of the night refracting the light of all future sight. A set of cards to tease your mind , revealing a past , present , future, combined.
  4. Thankyou @Saturn Celestelooking forward to getting started
  5. Lee3

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    Welcome @Tagi It took me about 20 years to come back to and start learning for good this time and I also discovered and fell in love with the Prisma Visions tarot and from the same shop I believe but yes as@Wanderer said I do plan on a study group for this deck so do check it out
  6. @Raggydoll it would be a privilege to create something specific for yourself , let me know your ideas and I can create what you like
  7. Thankyou everyone for the comments , I’m hoping to move onto larger , memorial type pieces with ashes but I’m more than happy with how the creations are evolving
  8. Hi , I would like to go through the prisma visions deck in a study group type format , I have had a look through and cannot see if this has already happened so if not I would love to start one
  9. Just found an area here whilst wandering around the forums and thought I should make the most of promoting my side line ( tarot related ?hmmm however I do see my items adorning the display cabinets of shops that do stock a wide range of tarot in the near future ) and I guess gives a little more of myself to the people I am making connections with so we are all winning it’s been a project in the background for a few years but this year I have invested the time and money to get things physically started . its pretty much Lampwork/glassblowing on a smaller scale jewellery / spheres / marbles/ nebulas But check it out if you think it might be your thing https://www.instagram.com/river_glassworks/ https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RiverGlaSsWoRkS
  10. A little off topic but something to share , apart from the odd statue and various unusual items in immediate view when entering my home people would assume an unusual taste but nothing too direct , tarot wise as I only have a few decks no one would probably know. Image wise I wouldn’t be seen as anything more than your average guy with average interests but this year as Im a little more known in my quiet village I thought I would add a bit of my own character to my Christmas decor seeing as the village were all putting on quite nice displays , it wasnt mentioned , and I think it went down ok but it’s the most open I’ve ever been about my otherwise private practice Maybe I’m mellowing with age .
  11. I can’t recommend wanderer enough an absolute pleasure to of met and been mentored by :)
  12. You got: The Hermit You’re an introspective person who’s content with their own company. But even though you’re introverted, you’re not a loner. People often seek you out for advice or even good conversation because you’re thoughtful and analytical, and you’re happy to help them out — in small doses.
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