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  1. Lee3

    The Lovers

    I see what you mean definitely a similar feel
  2. Next up THE DEVIL . Well he’s never appeared in any of my readings so far even when flicking through the deck many many time . So I’ve sought him out and am attempting to decipher his meaning.
  3. Lee3

    The Lovers

    Absoloutley. I see them there re affirming for me your own choice and your own interpretation. If it works for you that is all that matters . They are prominent in their own way but I also like the fact that they don’t have to take centre stage to to fight their cause they just happily fit in with everyone else without the need for any kind of different treatment.
  4. I’m in uk not sure of the zones but I do have winter protection and some things I grow in my greenhouse most of the year if for nothing other than protection from random heavy downpours that crush the more delicate plants
  5. Gardening is one of my big passions , one of my latest additions to the herbs I grow is marshmallow I planted last year who has just started to fully find his place in my garden and slowly make his presence known. Fennel that I planted from seed a few years ago comes back stronger every year and I have just sown some arnica for the first time so I’ll see how this one goes .
  6. @rixis thank you. Space and astronomy is a big part of my inspiration and technique I’m working towards are little galaxy nebula type designs . Not only aesthetically but the elements I’m working with in the glass gold/silver/and other striking type glasses and how they react with the flame chemistry to produce some of the most out of this world colours in different lights . It sure is a science as well as an art that I’m trying to learn
  7. @Raggydoll your book idea is definitely something that I am going to start and what I would give to look inside this grimoire , give it a hundred years and a dusty attic and I’d be living the dream . but seriously it is an amazing idea and such a possession to hold
  8. @RavenOfSummer great I look forward to your insights too as I am still fairly new to tarot as well as this deck so I hope to learn from your understandings and what has presented in your readings
  9. I would love more thoughts on this one card , it appears as such a clear meaning to me that I may be missing many subtle hints that so many of the cards hold . Maybe the wall he sits so comfortable and proud on is not giving the respect the people who built it deserves and he is taking all the praise. Or maybe this is too deep , I understand it’s so easy to look too deep into some of the meaning but I suppose that is more dependant in the card as it appears at a time and in what reading.
  10. I feel this card holds most of its traditional meanings that I understand firstly being the balancing act and priorities , by his face and the pentacle being higher he seems to knowingly favour a certain area and may be focusing two much on this , subconsciously or maybe consciously from his slightly smug look does he tend to enjoy the aspect of trying to manage all these responsibilities and the regard he gets from being so busy . He definitely needs to realign and move his focus because his achievements of this aspect he focuses on may not be all down to his doing , in the picture it seems lifted by other elements or external forces so maybe he is does not fully deserve the admiration of this success , he should turn to the pentacle or task in hand it’s not doing much moving or maybe he is too comfortable with this balancing act and it’s about to lose momentum maybe even representing the wall he so comfortably sits on without a care of how easy it would be to fall . I like this card it appears to me as a very forward facing card .
  11. Hey @JohnLetter can we see your 2 of pentacles and two of swords
  12. What @gregory said use the coin , heads you forget .....::::...::::.:: fingers crossed for tails
  13. I looked to my own cards to get a feel of them both. My initial thoughts are the two of pentacles is THE HEAD about the decision and weighing up the pros and cons of what positive impacts the forgetting will have on your life but the negatives it will also bring . two of swords the THE HEART struggle with seeing which path is the right one and and how whichever path will bring its positives and negatives .....
  14. Maybe the answer is more basic than deep. Should you forget him or wait for him , it sounds like the ball is in both your courts not forgetting someone means you want to get them back in your life and actively doing something whilst they passively wait . Waiting for them to get back in your life is the other person being active whilst you passively wait. Maybe it doesn’t matter either way if it’s destiny. Thats was more confusing to write than I thought but I hope it makes sense. Its one way at looking at the reading anyway .
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