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  1. This card can sometimes be difficult to read the man is refusing to take the Cup, i sense he's got enough on his plate right now so he wont be making any efforts in trying to rekindle any emotional feelings with anyone thats how i read the card.
  2. I have seen some listings on ebay saying rare when they actually mean OOP, I wouldn't necessarily be put off by that if the seller as good feedback.
  3. I have noticed lots of vintage decks going for reasonable prices on Ebay recently, my friend is looking for a vintage Thoth deck i saw one on there today half the price what i paid for mine.
  4. I was hoping that someone here had already tried out their products, i have now sent them a message.
  5. I am looking to find a POD company that can print Tarot cards with a 7 x 10 inch book, I was just browsing and i came across Ludocards.com. A was told that they do nice quality cards with rounded corners, but i wanted to know what the quality of the books are like. I was looking more for a paper back quality but not sure if thats what they offer. Thanks
  6. Thanks Gregory, I was curious about the print quality it's mostly the card stock that i'm fussy about - i'm looking for something that is not going to be thin and is easy to shuffle.
  7. Hello I am looking for a POD service to print my Tarot deck, i have used most of the popular ones listed above and i want to try Ludo cards. I wanted to ask about the quality of the printing as i often find that cards come out slightly darker with POD. Also do Ludo Cards provide one off prints of your deck or do you need to buy in bulk. Okay i've just found the answer from Reall's link - thanks 1. Printing; ludocards will print *ANY number of cards & any size!:) BUT minimum number of Tarot size decks you can print with ludocards is 6!:) imo it's ok as it's always good to have spare or you can gift/sell what you don't need?:) & there is discount for larger quantities so that's good news for selfpublishers!:) & whatever number of decks you decide to print you can ship it 2 ways;
  8. Thanks for the up-date Gregory, I do prefer LoS card stock it's much sturdier then Llewellyn's, now i can't stop looking at all the decks in the LoS Catalogue so many stunning decks. :) I have done some screenshots of the Tarot black deck
  9. Hi there, yes i think this will definitely be on my wish list, the only other details i could see on Amazon was this. Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd (8 Oct. 2019)
  10. Hello I was just looking to find the Lo Scarabeo Rider waite deck the older version not the up-dated one, i think the older version fonts are stunning the newer decks are only going to be available for the next year. As i was searching i came across this deck on Amazon - Tarot black and gold with some details below Discover a deck with a whole new approach to color and design with the Black & Gold Tarot. Based on the pictorial key of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot and printed with elegant gold-foil details, this deck makes for a breathtaking tableau as the cards are laid out in a spread. Whether you are a reader or a collector, you will realize fresh possibilities and interpretations with this creative work of art. Featuring a new hardbox with an angled, cut-hinged top, this tarot truly stands out from all the rest. Includes a 78-card gold-foil deck and instructional booklet. Do anyone know more about the Tarot Black and Gold foil Rider Waite, it looks very intriguing.
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